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  • rotary spherical digester
    Rotary spherical digester is the cooking equipment used for palm oil cooking and paper pulp boiling workshop section. The operating principle is that medium enters spherical digester through quick- open cover. The medium is heated by the steam directly in the spherical digester until it is cooked and softened after a period of time. The condensate water in the sphere filter through the filter screen and under the pressure of steam in the spherical digester, it can be discharged from the drainage valve of the spherical digester.
  • stainless steel juice tank
    Juice tank is usually equipped with agitator for mixing the juice, it can be used for banana, citric acid, pineapple,etc.

  • stainless steel olive oil square tank
    We can also design and produce a wide range of rectangular tank with capacity from 200L to 300,000L.
  • vinegar storage tank
    Prettech is specialized in producing such vinegar tank, we have done a lot of tanks to vinegar mills and spice mills,such as Hengshun,Haitian.
  • milk storage tank
    Milk storage tank is made by perfect stainless steel 304, all welded parts are polished smoothly, outer surface is 2B and inner surface is Ra<0,5um
  • dairy tank
    Prettech is focused on stainless equipment in brewery, drinks, fruit & vegetal processing, biochemistry, aginomoto, soy protein isolate, corn starch, amino acid, pharmacy, paper making and etc.
  • juice tank
    Prettech offer competitive and reasonable prices of a wide range of juice tank,capacity from 500L to 500 ton, what's more, the quality is perfect, it reach international European/American standards.
  • 5000L Wine Tank
    5000L Wine Tank for wine storage and fermentation
  • 5000L Forkable Tank
    5000L Forkable Tank
  • 5000L Variable Capcity Tank
    5000L Variable Capcity Tank
  • 10000L Wine Fermentation Tank
    10000L Wine Fermentation Tank
  • pharmaceutical tank
    Stainless steel pharmaceutical tanks used for detergent , shampoo, shower gel, liquid soap, petroleum jelly, Vaseline, infusion, injection, oral liquid, fine chemical etc.
  • beer fementation tank
    Beer fermentation tank is made by high quality stainless steel 304, insulted by PU foam or rock wool with thickness between 70-120mm, working pressure from 0.1MPa to 0.25MPa, mirror finish, Prettech beer fermentation tank capacity range from 500L to 300KL.
  • stainless steel beer fermentation tank
    This beer fermentation tank is made by perfect stainless steel SS304. This fermentation tank has conical bottom with 60 degrees.
  • 304 pressure tank
    Prettech is capable of designing and producing stainless steel pressure tank, working pressure comes up to 8 bar, capacity up to 500 cubic meter. PED, dye penetration, non destruction and X-ray inspection and certificate are supplied.
  • stainless steel 316 jacket edible oil tank
    Edible oil tank is used for storing edible oil with variety capacity. It's made by high quality stainless steel material (304/316L) , with bright and smooth surface.


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