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Jacket  kettle

double jacketed steam kettle ss304 jacket kettle with agitator steam jacketed kettle 500l steam cooking kettle with agitator
double jacketed steam kettle ss304 jacket kettle with agitator steam jacketed kettle 500l steam cooking kettle with agitator

Spherical digester

commons digester digester digester rotary spherical digester
commons digester digester digester rotary spherical digester


spherical digester http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/spherical-digester_2227.html

Rotary spherical digester is the cooking equipment used for palm oil cooking and paper pulp boiling workshop section. The operating principle is that medium enters spherical digester through quick- open cover. The palm is heated by the steam directly in the spherical digester until it is cooked and softened after a period of time. The condensate water in the sphere filter through the filter screen and under the pressure of steam in the spherical digester, it can be discharged from the drainage valve of the spherical digester.

Product Advantage

Compared with the traditional horizontal digester, this kind of spherical digester has the following advantages:

With high efficiency, cooking material uniformity  and less cooking time. When cooking the palm fruit, the sphere can swing intermittently, and make the palm fruit mix uniformity. So it increased the contact area with steam, reduced the cooking time and achieves uniform cooking quality.

Less labor intensity, and simple、safe operation. All the workshop section including the material filling, material discharge and cooking is in the same container, which is saved the moving time of traditional horizontal digester. And after the cooking, it avoids workers pothook and carrying in the digester. When filling and discharging, the cover is opened and closed quickly by quick-actuating cover. The start and stop of quick cover is controlled by the electrical system and equipped the safe interlocking device.

This kind of spherical digester can reduce the floor space greatly and save the investment of factory building. Because of less horizontal digester transporting journey of the material car, the floor space is only equivalent to 1/4 of the traditional horizontal digester.

dairy tank http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/dairy-tank_2539.html
Dairy tank for storing dairy produstcs,made of stainless steel, premium quality and rational price.All dairy tanks are manufactured from type 304-2B stainless steel.
Sterile stainless steel water tank adopts the new technology of manufacturing, in line with international known GMP sanitary standards and the design is reasonable. to ensure that the water quality is not affected by water pollution two,design science, normal use of water and sendiment natural stratification ,only need to regularly open the spherical tank bottom discharge valve can be ruled out ,without the need for manual cleaning often. Widely used in food,medicine ,water engineering. chemical industry, in the process of  water treatment to precipitate ,the buffer pressure,prevent water pollution ,water storage function. its size based on water, according to different purposes can choose stainless steel 304 316, two ,production characteristics.
juice tank http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/juice-tank_2540.html

juice tank

mixing tank http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/mixing-tank_2543.html

Stainless mixing tanks are machine containers used for blending different components together.Tanks are made up of  stainless steel. Frequently,

stainless steel materials are used in fabricating tanks for smooth surface, easy cleaning, and convenience of use.  

pressure tank http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/pressure-tank_2596.html

A pressure tank is a closed container designed to hold gases or liquids at a pressure substantially different from the ambient pressure.Pressure tanks can theoretically be almost any shape,but shapes made of sections of spheres,cylinders,and cones are usually employed.A common design is a cylinder with end caps called heads.Head shapes are frequently either hemispherical or dished(torispherical).

brewery equipment http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/brewery-equipment_2180.html

Brewery equipment including beer fermentation tank,brewing beer,fermenting equipment etc.

tank farm http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/tank-farm_2541.html

tank farm

jacket kettle http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/jacket-kettle_2226.html

Jacket kettle is widely used in food processing such as candy, pharmacy, dairy, brewery, beverage, canned food, cookie, it can also be used in restaurant for cooking soup, meat and food.



wine making equipment http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/wine-making-equipment_2179.html

including tanks, tank farm and wine making line

vinegar tank http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/vinegar-tank_2422.html

Storage tanks are containers that hold liquids, compressed gases (gas tank) or mediums used for the short- or long-term storage of heat or cold.

wine fermentation tank http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/wine-fermentation-tank_2230.html
Wine is fermented by grape fruit, skin and mass, so the wine fermentation tank is equipped with filtering grid—filter the rape, and rotary pray system—pour the hat layer into the wine liquid for maceration,in order to extract more pigment.
The top cover and the upmost shell layer is usually made by SS3016L, it has better anti-corrosion, sometimes all the parts which touch the wine directly are made by SS316L, other parts are made by SS304.


floating lid fermentation tank http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/floating-lid-fermentation-tank_2568.html

Floating lid fermentation tank is characterized of its variable, it could be used both for wine fermentation and storage, Prettech can supply this tank from 10hl to 100hl.

rotary fermentation tank http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/rotary-fermentation-tank_2580.html

rotary fermentation tank

bright beer tank http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/bright-beer-tank_2581.html

brite beer tank, brite tank, bright beer tank,  beer bright tank, brewery bright tank, craft beer bright tank, micro brewery bright tank, stainless steel beer bright tank, SS304 bright tank, brewery tank

insulation tank http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/insulation-tank_2231.html
Insulated wine tank  is suitable for mucus elimination, stabilization and other oenological processes, which require a tank with thermo-isolative characteristics.
Dimple jacket is for controlling the temperature perfectly. The entire inside tank surface is covered with the insulation material which is polyurethane foam. The standard insulation thickness is 50mm. Conical bottom enables a easy discharge of wine.      
wine storage tank http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/wine-storage-tank_2232.html

Wine storage tank is used for storing wine with variety capacity.  It's made by high quality stainless steel material (304/316L) , with bright and smooth surface.It also can be designed to have a conical bottom or with insulation layer as the customer's requirement.

sparking wine tank http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/sparking-wine-tank_2583.html

Sparking wine tanks are designed and produced with dimensional characteristics and come with varied accessories in accordance with the specific requirements from each customer.

Tanks can be held up by, legs with adjustable feet or by a stainless steel base, they are available with different external finishes, flower patterned, satin, 2B, mirror finish, also with different internal finishes, mirror or 2B.

wine production line http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/wine-production-line_2530.html

Prettech’s priority is to reach the combination of the latest technology and the utmost simplicity of use. With more than 40 years’ experience in wine-making industry, Prettech has its own philosophy and technology to develop production lines for wine, which includes grape receiving and pressing, fermentation, filtration, refrigeration, filling and packing system. Thanks to the latest technology and powerful design team, prettech can offer turn-key project for wineries according to customer’s requirements.

wine production line

wine production line




biochemical&pharmacy tank http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/biochemical-pharmacy-tank_2223.html

Biochemical fermentation tank used in pharmacy, vinegar, protein, oil


vinegar&oil tank http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/vinegar-oil-tank_2418.html

vinegar storage tank,edible oil tank,olive oil tank

edible oil tank http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/edible-oil-tank_2419.html

Materials of the edible oil storage tanks are all stainless steel structure. Humanized design and easy to operate. All the joints and interior surface is mirror polished to avoiding dead corners. Which cleanable to sanitary standards.

olive oil tank http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/olive-oil-tank_2420.html
1.Food grade 
2.Good appearance and welding seam treatment 
3.Easy cleaning 
4.More capacity available 
Tanks in Stock 2018 http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/Tanks-in-Stock-2018_2745.html

Prettech tanks and equipment in stock. Contact now for an immediate delivery!

palm oil tank http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/palm-oil-tank_2500.html

palm oil tank

Microbrewery beer tank http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/Microbrewery-beer-tank_2582.html

Microbrewery beer tank

beer fermentation tank http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/beer-fermentation-tank_2535.html

fermentation vessel,fermentation tank,beer tank,304 beer tank,304 fermentation tank

Wine Tanks http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/Wine-Tanks_2746.html

Prettech Popular Wine Tanks in Stock for an immediately delivery


Keg washer -1 head manual http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/Keg-washer--1-head-manual_2750.html

● 1 head 
● Electric heating 18kw   
● Voltage:220V/60HZ/3phase
● Weight: 260kg
● size:1000*1450*1560mm
● Capacity:30-40 kegs/hour
● manual controlling
● Applicable kegs: 5L-50L
● 2*100L water tank                                                    
● D type spear
● no insulated, No flowmeter


1000L Buffer Tank http://www.sinoprettech.com/product_category/1000L-Buffer-Tank_2751.html


● Volume: 1000L
● Material: SUS304
● Finish: brush polished external, 2B finish, welded grounded
● Size: dia. 1250mm, cylindrial H=610mm, total H=1700mm
● Flat top, 1/3 open,with handle, 1*4” port clamp
● Big conical bottom 50 degree
● 3 legs
● 1*4” drainage port clamp at bottom