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Shunyi beer festival this year into the city

View: 10701/06/2015  
24th Shunyi Yanjing Beer Festival will be opened on June 6. Unlike in previous years, the current large-scale opening of the Oktoberfest canceled and investment links, but the introduction of international beer festival mode, in the city set up 50 large beer garden, remain open until October, manufacturing summer passion and joy element. Have been held for 23 years, Oktoberfest has always been to attract foreign investment Shunyi District "Business Day", and this year, it turned into a public play a leading role in the summer "Carnival."
Yanjing Beer Festival since 1992. First, have been held for 23 years. "All along, Oktoberfest's mission is 'to wine for the media, investment, economic prosperity', which is characterized by large-scale theatrical performances held in the opening ceremony, a three-day economic forum held in the brand during the Investment Promotion and project signing a number of Events. "Oktoberfest preparatory group responsible person said," These commercial activities do play a role Recommend Shunyi famous enterprises and advantages of resources, contract amount could reach billions of dollars each year. "
    In recent years, with capital adjustment of industrial structure, investment Yanjing Beer functions gradually weaken, gradually from the "wine for the media" to become a "tourism brand." This year, it is the total abolition of the opening ceremony large-scale theatrical performances, as well as investment. At the same time, the introduction of international beer festival mode, in the form of comprehensive and innovative content, added to food, performances, entertainment and other elements, to build a summer carnival citizen participation.
The main venue of the Olympic Aquatic Park from June 7 to 14, 9:00 to 21:30 night, the whole park is open for the big beer tent and outdoor plaza, the public can drink fresh beer in the ample space of joy, tasting Taiwan Guests Lin snacks and other food, watch the wonderful theatrical performances.
"Before, no Oktoberfest area, all three days Shunyi entertain people. This year is different, we set up 50 sub-venues in the city, residents and visitors together to fight the carnival festivities, and gradually to the internationally renowned beer Festival food, entertainment, carnival theme closer, become a tourism brand. "Oktoberfest preparatory group responsible person.
Reporters learned that 50 sub-venues namely 50 large beer garden, which are located in Sanlitun, Chaoyang District, Changping Huilongguan and other places open until October, provide the public with summertime cool air, feel the beer culture of the place. In addition, it sets up four Oktoberfest cuisine food street, holding festivals, let summer passion and joy in different venues elements continue.
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