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Ten Characteristics of conical fermentation tank

View: 9522/05/2015  
Jiangsu Prettech beer equipment information collection unit: Characteristics of conical fermentation tank
(1) At the bottom of the cone, easy emissions produced yeast species at any time, require the use of cohesion yeast.
(2) The tank itself has a cooling device, then the fermentation temperature control. Production is easy to control, the fermentation period is shortened, fewer opportunities for contamination, stable quality of beer.
(3) Outside the tank insulation device can be placed outside the tank, reduce construction investment, saving footprint, easy expansion.
(4) Using a sealed tank, to facilitate the recovery of carbon dioxide washing and fermentation may be carried out under pressure. It can make the fermenter, also can be used for storage tanks can also be combined fermentation and wine storage, called pot fermentation.
(5) Since the liquid level in the tank fermentation liquid carbon dioxide to produce a gradient (gradient form carbon dioxide). By cooling control, it can ferment natural convection, the higher the stronger the convection tank. Because of strong convection, yeast fermentation capacity increased, local hair faster, shortening the fermentation period.
(6) Fermenter can be used instrument or computer control, operation, easy management.
(7) That is applied to a conical bottom fermentation tank, also apply to the above fermentation.
(8) Can be CIP automatic cleaning device, easy to clean.
(9) Taper pot process (can spot local processing), and practical.
(10) Equipment capacity according to production need to be flexible, adjust to 60-600 cubic capacity ranging up to 1500 cubic meters.
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