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On the application of beer fermentation technology

View: 13603/06/2015  
Beer as the world's most common type of beverage, in people's daily life plays an important role. The brewing process is the most important part is the "ferment." Fermentation technology has a long history, dating back thousands of years. Fermentation technology applications are very common in our daily lives, but most people do not understand the scientific principles. Seemingly simple fermentation biotechnology in a very important content, it also plays a role in the soul of the role of the beer brewing process.
Modern fermentation technologies include high-capacity fermentor method (mainly the cylinder open-air conical fermentor method), high concentration after dilution saccharification fermentation, continuous fermentation method.
(1)the large capacity fermentation tank fermentation
The so-called large-capacity fermentation tanks means fermenter volume comparison with conventional fermentation equipment. Large-capacity fermentation tanks have a cylindrical conical fermentation tanks, Asahi cans, general cans and spherical tank. Cylindrical conical fermenter is the world's common fermentation tank, the tank body is cylindrical tank top into an arc shape, conical bottom, with a considerable height (height greater than diameter), the tank has a cooling and insulation means is fully closed fermenter. Tapered cylindrical fermenter below applies to both the fermentation, fermentation is also applicable to the above, the processing is very convenient. China since the mid-1970s, began to use outdoor cylindrical conical bottom fermentor method (referred conical fermentation tank), almost all of the domestic beer production using this fermentation.
(2)high concentration dilution saccharification fermentation
After the high concentration dilution beer saccharification technology that taken to raise the concentration of wort saccharification, fermentation method for preparing beer diluted with water treatment. It can make the fermentation equipment capacity increased by 25 to 30%, production increased more than a quarter. After the high concentration of beer saccharification diluted prepared, unique flavor, pure taste, long shelf life, it has been widely promoted and applied in practice.
(3)continuous fermentation method
Continuous fermentation refers to a constant speed to add fresh medium to the fermentation tank, while the culture fluid flowing at the same speed, so that the fluid volume of the fermentation tank during fermentation to maintain a constant.
Continuous fermentation can be divided into single and multi-tank continuous fermentation tank series continuous fermentation mode. In a single continuous fermentation tank, since the fermentation broth stirring constantly, just part of the inflow of fermentation base will flow along with the broth.
Development of beer fermentation technology is worthy of our college students to pay attention to, especially biotechnology students is a worthy direction of research and development.
Beer first appeared around 3000 BC, in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia (now Iraq) area. This historical fact can be confirmed on the tomb of Mubi. Historical records, when the production of beer just germinated barley bread made in the bread ground, placed in an open tank, so that the air entering the cylinder yeast fermented beer made from the original. Since the grain residue and bacterial contamination, the taste of wine can be imagined.
With modern living standards continue to improve, the young beer is the most demand is not limited to the taste of beer, they began to focus on the quality of raw materials, the advanced nature of the beer brewing process, and even a lot of people to beer foam texture made more high demand. Improve the modern requirements for beer can be said to improve the beer fermentation technology requirements. For students who study biotechnology it not an opportunity too!
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