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TopWine China will be held in Beijing in June 2016

View: 9408/10/2015  
Seventh China International Wine Exposition-TOPWINE CHINA 2016
Time: June 2016, 15-17th
Venue: China National Convention Center HALL1/2/3 (tianchen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 7th)
Approved by: People's Republic of China's Ministry of Commerce
Sponsor and Organizer: China foreign trade and economic cooperation Enterprise Association, Netherlands industrial promotion company, Beijing new core international exhibition Co Ltd
Scope of exhibits
As: dry red,dry white,pink wine,bubble wine,champagne,ice wine,liqueur and various spirits Ocean wine so on; wine apparatus, as: open bottle device,glass,hangover device,spit wine barrels,ice wine barrels,wine preservation device; wine packaging technology, as: caps, wine bottle, Cork; wine store facilities.
TOPWINE CHINA 2015 review
2015 Topwine China exhibition area of 22,000 square meters, a total of more than 400 number of quality exhibitors.Once again proved the TopWine China is a truly international platform for trade, is the industry's leading Exposition. In addition to Australia and New Zealand Pavilion exhibition 2015TOPWINE CHINA's new world wine Pavilion include South Africa and the United States and South America. France BUSINESS Chateau FRANCE again led the more than more than 50 exhibitors, is the most representative in the International Pavilion's strong lineup. Australia,ew Zealand Pavilion follows. Other pavilions also include Germany,Spain,Italy,Portugal,Greece,Romania,Georgia, as well as Hong Kong, China, and we have the privilege of inviting to Hungary and Moldova Pavilion, which is organized by the Government for the first time in Moldova to participate in exhibitions in North China.
TopWine China 2015 Beijing, China International Wine Exposition People's Republic of China's Ministry of Commerce approved by Beijing Shi the new core exhibition limited, the Netherlands international industrial promotion company and jointly organized by China foreign trade and economic cooperation Enterprise Association, this exhibition is the focus of Commerce supporting and guiding one of the country's 115 international exhibition. Also we has many wine class,wine, hotel related Association support, which including: France China Embassy business at,Spain China Embassy business at,Germany wine Association,Loire Valley eight region wines Union,France southern wine Association,Spain Castile-Spain Raman just area foreign trade association,Italy China Embassy business at,Australia wine authority,Hungary China Embassy business at,Moldova wine Association, SA wine Association,China wine class circulation Association,.
Professional wine buyers and you meet in Beijing
Three-day 2015 Beijing, China International Wine Exposition the audience broke the record for the first time, attracted a total of 11,771 professionals come to visit, including importers, distributors, retailers, the hotel and catering sector Manager, compared with 2014 8,264 professional audience much more. Very clear, after a brief self-adjustment of the domestic wine market has entered a period of strong recovery, while also proving TWC northern China Beijing, China International Wine Exposition is the most professional international leading wine trading platform, is fully recognized by the vast number of professionals. First day of the fair (Thursday, June 4) a total of 4,678 professionals to visit the National Convention Center, (Friday, June 5) to visit a total of 3,976 professionals, (Saturday, June 6) a total of 3117 professionals attending the event.
Why exhibit?
In the 2015 TopWine China International Wine exposition will provide your company with an important opportunity to show themselves in the Chinese market. Exhibition Will not only improve your company's sales and deals more efficiently and helps to maximize your business into the future, accelerate the marketing and sales process. Even in the Internet age of information handy, is participating in the chat face to face more insurance effective sales methods.
Attend the TopWine China Expo:
1. bring your business to a more innovative, dynamic market;
2. find the right agent or distributor in this area;
3. enhance your competitiveness in the Chinese market;
4. tap the potential customer;
5. more in-depth communication with existing customers;
6. send your product to a keen to invest in the market.
Exhibition schedule:
Thursday, June 15, 2016, 10:00-18:00
Friday, June 16, 2016 10:00-18:00
Saturday, June 17, 2016 10:00-17:00
Beijing Lian Xin Rui International Exhibition Co Ltd
Address: Chaoyang District, Beijing sanyuan bridge room 1205 Ocean Express
Exhibitor contact: +86-010-640669118/6618/84467428
Visitor contact information: +86-010-64066918
Fax: +86-010-64067318
Official site: www.topwinechina.CN
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