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Wheat Beer Production

View: 22410/10/2015  
Wheat malt is the main raw material for beer,use part of malt, accessories (such as rice),add hops, fermentation brewing into a special type of beer.Its characteristic taste fresh, soft, high alcohol content, good foam, similar to the foreign white beer or fermenting beer.
Wheat beer production has the following three types:
(1) top fermentation-a traditional El (Ale), beer production, wheat malt, malt as raw materials, according to certain mashing into the wort, above the inoculation of yeast for fermentation at higher temperatures, with skimming recovery after the end of fermentation yeast, cooked and liquor made with appropriate time, with typical flavors of ALE.
(2) hybrid fermentation-mashing action with top fermentation the same, but at the same time using two yeast (below top yeasts and yeast) fermentation, but yeast is added at different times, that is to use high temperature using yeast for fermentation, after reaching certain degree of fermentation, recovery by top fermentation the yeast, and then transferred to storage tanks. Add the following yeast storage tanks for fermentation, after a suitable period of ripening process.
(3) stage fermentation type similar to mixed fermentation type, that to wheat bud, and malt made of wheat juice in high of temperature added above yeast for above fermentation, stay fermentation end with yeast centrifugal separation machine separation off above yeast, again by moments sterilization removed above yeast and quickly cooling to following Yeast fermentation temperature, while added above wheat juice and following yeast for second times fermentation, then cooked processing. White beer mainly produced using this method.
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