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Company News

Technical Sheet Of Rotary Fermenters

View: 19422/10/2015  
The Rotary Wine Fermenter of Jiangsu Prettech has been conceived and realized in consideration of the several requirements of wine-making experts, in order to obtain a refined quality product. Besides the traditional red fermentation, it is suited to perform the carbonic maceration and cryo-maceration too.
Raw materials features, certified according to the field-regulations in force (UNI-EN 1672-2, President's Executive Order 03/1973, Executive Order n.108-109 of 01/1992, Executive Order n. 155 of 1997), and production process ISO 9001 certified make this product suitable for fermentation and storage of wines and must, in the full observance of HACCP method (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).
During fermentation, thanks to the particular parting steel-sheet, which performs softly the immediate submerging of the marc-cap, the short and slow clockwise/anticlockwise rotations, alternated with long pause periods, favour the close contact of must with marc. In this way the following several advantages are obtained:
Reductions in the fermentation trigger and fermentation times; Dregs rate below 3%; Homogeneousness in the extraction of the main colours and aromas; All this is pointed out by the high rates of polyphenols, colouring intenseness and D.T.A.T. expressly tested.
Possibility to trigger the fermentation with the tank partially loaded; Possibility to interact in the fermentation by the use of the controlled-thermic regulation and macro-oxygenation; Effective static drain-separator which allows to separate the solid part (rinds) from the liquid part (must) during racking off; Automatic unloading of exhausted marc; Possibility to use the fermenter like a carbonic-macerator or like a storage tank (by the means of Nitrogen too); Possibility to arrange in stack several Rotary fermenters are further advantages of this practical and versatile wine fermenter.
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