beverage storage tank
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    beverage storage tank

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  • Product Details:  wine storage tanks are made of stainless steel, they are used for wine processing production.
Product Details

Beverage storage tank 
Our tanks are made of stainless steel, they are used for beverage processing production. 
Our supplying range as below,
1) Tank (Pressure Vessel) volume: 1-5000 cubic meters 
2) Dimension: we could design diameter and height as per customers' request 
3) Material: Stainless Steel (304 or 316L) 
4) Tank shell thickness: 2mm or more
5) Function: Storage or fermentation tank 
6) Design temperature: -5-80 degree 
7) Medium: Various drinks including wine, beer, fruit juice, and so on. 
8) Mixing: Top side or bottom mixing.
9) General accessories(If required): Manhole, CIP, respirator, sight glass, mixing


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