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Jacket  kettle

double jacketed steam kettle ss304 jacket kettle with agitator steam jacketed kettle 500l steam cooking kettle with agitator
double jacketed steam kettle ss304 jacket kettle with agitator steam jacketed kettle 500l steam cooking kettle with agitator

Spherical digester

commons digester digester digester rotary spherical digester
commons digester digester digester rotary spherical digester


  • rotary spherical digester
    Rotary spherical digester is the cooking equipment used for palm oil cooking and paper pulp boiling workshop section. The operating principle is that medium enters spherical digester through quick- open cover. The medium is heated by the steam directly in the spherical digester until it is cooked and softened after a period of time. The condensate water in the sphere filter through the filter screen and under the pressure of steam in the spherical digester, it can be discharged from the drainage valve of the spherical digester.
  • jacket kettle
    Jacket kettle is widely used in food processing such as candy, pharmacy, dairy, brewery, beverage, canned food, cookie, it can also be used in restaurant for cooking soup, meat and food.
  • stainless steel agitator tank
    Stainless steel agitator tank,mixing tank,storage tank,heatig and cooling tank,mixing cylinder
    1) SUS316L or SUS304
    2) can mix the liquid,fluid
    3) Capaciy:200L~40000L
  • orange juice  tank
    Prettech is focused in producing stainless steel tank for storage orange juice,apple juice,banana juice etc.
  • stainless steel juice tank
    Juice tank is usually equipped with agitator for mixing the juice, it can be used for banana, citric acid, pineapple,etc.

  • milk storage tank
    Milk storage tank is made by perfect stainless steel 304, all welded parts are polished smoothly, outer surface is 2B and inner surface is Ra<0,5um
  • 300L double jacket kettle
    stainless steel double jackete kettle is used for cooking and mixing food liquid
  • spherical digester
    Spherical boiler is the cooking apparatuse used for palm oil cooking workshop section.
    The operational principle is that palm enters spherical boiler through quickopen cover .
  • dairy tank
    Prettech is focused on stainless equipment in brewery, drinks, fruit & vegetal processing, biochemistry, aginomoto, soy protein isolate, corn starch, amino acid, pharmacy, paper making and etc.
  • juice tank
    Prettech offer competitive and reasonable prices of a wide range of juice tank,capacity from 500L to 500 ton, what's more, the quality is perfect, it reach international European/American standards.
  • ss304 jacket kettle with agitator
    stainless steel double jacketed kettle
    1.According to Structure: there are Tilting Jacketed Kettle and Vertical Jacketed Kettle
    2.According to Process Needs: there are Jacketed Kettle with Agitating and Ones without Agitating
  •  fruit juice tank used for making banana pulp
    Prettech is the largest manufacturer of stainless steel thin-wall vessels for food grade in China. Our company's main product is fruit juice tank,beer fermenter and so on.
  • Sterile stainless steel water tank
    Sterile stainless steel water tank adopts the new technology of manufacturing, in line with international known GMP sanitary standards and the design is reasonable.
  • beverage storage tank
    wine storage tanks are made of stainless steel, they are used for wine processing production.
  • beverage vessel
    Good quality stainless steel beverage mixing vessel is used to stir and store after milk, sugar, beverages, food and a variety of drugs and other elements have been mixed.
  • stainless steel juice storage tank
    Prettech company can supply storage tank, beer tank,wine tank,fermenter,water tank,juice tank,and pressure vessel.


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