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Beer fermentation tanks
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  • Beer fermentation tanks are suitable for hotels ,restaurants and brewery.It is made by high quality stainless steel 304, sanitary fabricated &poli...
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    • Beer fermentation tanks
    • Beer fermentation tanks
    • Beer fermentation tanks
    • Beer fermentation tanks
Product Detail

Beer fermenter is a kind of pressure tank with working pressure 0.1MPA-0.15MPA, and fitted with pressure controlling and display settings, such as vacuum pressure relief valve, CO2 discharging pipe. Internal welds grounded and remove burs, finish polished less than 0.4um, easy to clean and no sanitary dead angle.All the nozzle&tubes are handled smoothly,no burs,all the welds and joints are ground smooth to insure the sanitation,Stainless steel inspection certificate and pressure test certificate would be provided.


Prettech brewery tanks are heavy-duty made with high quality,  the cutting and welding processing is made by laser machines, particularly for dimple jackets, it has a 0.35MPA working pressure supporting, the jacket covers on cylinder and conical,enough cooling area and high efficiency for beer chilling.


All Prettech fermentation tank are tested by leakage proof before delivery, fittings are strong, durable and sealed well, you will feel very happy and comfortable to use Prettech brewery tanks, make nice beer.


Technical specification:

• Material:SS304

• roughness less than 0.6um

• Finish: Exterior brushed, interior polished<0.4um,welds grounded sanitary.

• Head space: 25%.

• Designing/working pressure: 0.2MPa, --0.15MPa.

• Dished top, conical bottom 60 degree.

• Dimple jacket on shell and bottom.

• Insulation 80mm PU foam and 2mm S/S cladding

• 4 legs with leveling foot pads and connecting tubes

• Elliptical manhole 450*350mm.

• Outlet port 2" with tri clamp and butterfly valve.

• Temperature probe PT100 and thermometer.

• Glycol water inlet/outlet NPT1".

• Safety valve 2".

• CIP ball and tubes with tri clamp and valve.

• Pressure vacuum relief valve with pressure gauge and butterfly valve.

• Racking arm 1/2”

• Sample valve 1/2”

• Top hop optional


1.Sanitary construction & polished 100% TIG.

2. Inspection& pressure test before delivery for each system.

3. Custom-made brewhouse and beer fermenter to meet customers’space restrictions.

4. Compact design to reduce floor space.


Production is carried out in accordance with precisely defined work orders, control is carried out throughout the production process.

Product qualification

Static pressure test on tank body and jacket /

Dye penetration test on welding/ X-ray

inspection / NDT


Transport & Delivery

Seaworthy packaging&reinforcement to minimize damages during shipping&transportation.

Delivery to customer's door, and self-loading truck service available if necessary.

Varied container types are optimized including general container and flat rack.

Packaging Details

wrapped by strong film, lie down on steel saddle horizontally, loaded in 20ft container and braced by steel strips


Qingdao for Stainless steel sanitary jacketed electric heating stirring mixing tank for Vinegar fermentation


After-sale Service

Equipment Commission can be supplied on demand.

Technical support will be supplied whole life

Instruction manual and technical documentation along with the product

Door-to-Door Services

7*24H phone/mail/video guide&revert

Immediately Consult
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