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Rotary Spherical Digester
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  • D25M
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  • Rotary spherical digester is the cooking equipment used for palm oil cooking and paper pulp boiling workshop section. The operating principle is that ...
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    • Rotary Spherical Digester
    • Rotary Spherical Digester
    • Rotary Spherical Digester
Product Detail

Compared with the traditional horizontal digester,spherical digester has the following advantages:

With high efficiency, cooking material uniformity and less cooking time. When cooking the palm fruit, the sphere can swing intermittently, and make the palm fruit mix uniformity. So it increased the contact area with steam, reduced the cooking time and achieves uniform cooking quality.

Less labor intensity, and simple、safe operation. All the workshop section including the material filling, material discharge and cooking is in the same container, which is saved the moving time of traditional horizontal digester. And after the cooking, it avoids workers pothook and carrying in the digester. When filling and discharging, the cover is opened and closed quickly by quick-actuating cover. The start and stop of quick cover is controlled by the electrical system and equipped the safe interlocking device.

This kind of spherical digester can reduce the floor space greatly and save the investment of factory building. Because of less horizontal digester transporting journey of the material car, the floor space is only equivalent to 1/4 of the traditional horizontal digester.



1 Stainless steel material
2 Not easy to corrode
3 Balanced load of heating steam
4 Easy to recover the heating
5 Excellent uniformity
6 Customized according to your needs

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Q: Can you produce tanks with S.S.316L?

A: Yes we can, the wetted-parts are produced by S.S.316L to guarantee the corrosion resistance, the non-wetted parts are produced by S.S.304 to reduce cost.


Q:Do you supply after-sale services?
A: Yes we do, if any defects occurred, Prettech would give instructions on how to handle, fast repair locally is avaible if needed.

Q: What inspections will you do before delivery in your factory?
A: All tanks would be tested by static pressure test, dye penetration or X-ray test if requested.

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