Single Layer Stainless Steel Liquid Mixing Tank For Daily Use Chemical
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Single Layer Stainless Steel Liquid Mixing Tank For Daily Use Chemical

Pretank specializes in crafting a diverse array of stainless steel liquid mixing tanks tailored to meet the varied demands of industries, particularly within the everyday chemical sector. Leveraging five decades of expertise, we have consistently delivered cutting-edge processing technology in the form of agitators and mixing systems to clients worldwide.
  • CHM-Top1

  • Pretank

  • SUS304/SUS316L

  • 500L-30,000L


Product Description

stainless steel liquid mixing tank

Pretank specializes in the design and fabrication of personalized stainless steel liquid mixing tanks tailored to the unique process requirements of our customers. Our sanitary stainless steel mixing tanks are utilized in the production of daily chemical products such as liquid soap, handwashing solutions, shampoo, and shower gel. Our equipment is adept at enhancing the efficiency of our customers' mixing processes, reducing processing time, and optimizing energy utilization.

These tanks can be constructed using SUS304, SUS316L, or SUS316L for wetted parts, and SUS304 for non-wetted parts, depending on the specific liquid pH values. This ensures compatibility with the liquid characteristics while being cost-effective. All interior welds are meticulously grounded, burrs are removed, and the internal finish is mirror-polished to facilitate easy cleaning. Our tanks adhere to GMP standards, and we provide GMP certificates as a testament to our commitment to quality and hygiene.

Mixing tank solution

Pretank not only manufactures individual stainless steel liquid mixing tanks but also offers comprehensive tank solutions. Similar to the illustration on the left, we can provide a complete, user-friendly system for you. This system includes a platform with walkways, as well as a control box. The platform and walkways are designed to facilitate easy and safe operation of the tank at elevated locations. The control box enables the regulation of cooling/heating temperatures, mixing speeds, and the start-stop functions of the pumps. This all-in-one system not only conserves energy but also significantly enhances overall work efficiency. 

Pls feel free to send us an inquiry to customize your mixing tanks!


*Tailored capacity ranging from 1000L to 50000L

*Acceptable materials include stainless steel 304, 316, 316Tai, etc. 

*Versatile blending vanes available to accommodate the production of different product types

*Option for a single layer or double jacket structure

*Humanized structure design for ease of operation 

*Interior wall transition areas shaped in an arc to eliminate sanitation dead corners 

*Convenient discharge options: bottom direct discharge or via a transfer pump

Technical Parameters

-Half open top with hinged lids&Slope flat bottom

-Finish:interior &exterior 2Bfinish

-4 x adjustable legs

-Sample valve:1/2" tri clamp

-Liquid level

-Top agitator: Motor,gearbox,paddle agitaor,rack,mechanical seal

-Inlet&outlet  2"butterfly  valve  with tri clamp

-Drainage  2"butterfly  valve  with tri clamp

-Air vent

-Top Manhole

-Accessories:control box,pump,load cell,stainless steel pipelines

Product Packing

stainless steel liquid mixing tank

Wrapped by blanket to aviod crash

stainless steel liquid mixing tank

Wooden protect to prevent agitator sway on the road

stainless steel liquid mixing tank

Load into container with saddle support and braced by steel strips


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Provide stainless steel tanks solutions for liquid processing of STORAGE,FERMENTING, HEATING,CHILLING, BLENDING, DISTILLING, MASHING AND BOILING.




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