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The purpose of the tinplate

View: 21404/05/2015  
The purposes of the tinplate
Purpose promote
Tinplate application is very extensive, from the food and beverage packaging material to the oil cans, chemical cans, and other miscellaneous cans, advantages and characteristics of tinplate provide contents on the physical and chemical properties of good protection.
Canned food
Tinplate can ensure food hygiene, minimize the possibility of corruption, effectively block the risk of health, but also meeting the needs of modern people on food convenient, fast, is the tea packing, coffee packaging, health care products packaging, candy packaging, packaging, gift packaging food packaging containers such as first choice.
Tinplate cans can be used for filling juice, coffee, tea and sports drinks, also can fill in cola, soda, beer, etc. And tinplate cans can be highly work make it can change type, more regardless of the high, short, big, small, or square or round, all can meet the needs of the beverage packaging diversification and consumer habits.
Oil tank
Light will cause and accelerate the oxidation reaction of grease, reduce the nutritional value, may also produce harmful substances, is more serious is that destroy the grease of the vitamin, especially vitamin D and vitamin A.
The oxygen in the air is forcing food oil oxidation, reduce the biomass of protein, vitamins, and tin not pervious to light and air isolation effect, it is the best choice for packaging fat food.
Chemical tank
Tinplate material good strong, protective, not deformation, earthquake resistance, fireproof, is the best packaging material for chemicals.
Spray cans
Resistant to high temperature and high pressure of tinplate cans, especially suitable for high pressure spray cans of filling.
Dry miscellaneous cans
Cylindrical and beautifully printed (and mercurial, pencil case, and milk powder cans are tinplate products.
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