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The fermentation tank maintenance and repair

View: 28005/05/2015  
Fermentation tank is used for training the closed container microorganisms or cells,a special fermentation equipment material, can be used for research, analysis, or production. It was used for biological engineering, chemical, food, dairy products, condiments, brewing, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries material fermentation.
Fermenter tank after a continuous fermentation, the product was transferred to a refining zone piping, need to be cleaned before re-fermentation secondary fermentation, maintenance. Fermenter maintenance include the following:
(1) A stirrer Maintenance: each should check after opening the lid and tighten the agitator shaft installed in various parts of the set screw.
(2) Adjust the position of the magnet: the magnet from the tank bottom spacing normal is 1-1.5mm, spacing is too small on the bottom surface of the magnet will touch tank, then will cause the agitator shaft does not rotate or agitator shaft beating and with large noise phenomenon; spacing is too large, then will cause the upper and lower magnetic force between the magnets is reduced, there may be an agitator when a thick broth and accompanied by a large stall noise.
(3) The bearing replacement: after one or two years of use, significantly increased bearing noise or oscillating agitator shaft obviously have to replace the bearings. Bearing end cap lifted, lifted head screw shaft and bearing gland, lifted under the bearing cover, remove the bearing retainer at the lower end of the bearing, taken down by the upper stirring shaft, remove the bearing and replace, again installation.
(4)The filter cartridge replacement: Since air contains a lot of dust, after a certain time, pores on the filter will gradually clog, so on the one hand cause a serious shortage of air flow and air pressure drop increases, and may lead to contamination, this When you need to replace. The filter should be removed from the idle air filter, side by side to make the filter condensate.
(5)The solenoid valve maintenance: solenoid valve is used to cool the fermentation tank, solenoid valve spool stuck, damage the valve seal failure and can cause failure of the solenoid of the solenoid valve. Failure judgment: in ensuring the circulation pump operation and circulation piping Typically, the temperature drop is not only the biggest reason liter solenoid valve leakage or spool stuck, another reason may be an electric heater burn. Press the water switch, water switch lights and the end face of the non-magnetic solenoid valve, no cooling water discharge, bad coil; water switch light is off, the control box F1 (Really) Blown fuse. Off solenoid valve, drain cooling water leakage, the valve seal failure or debris stuck spool.
(6)Valve maintenance: As the seal inside the valve is composed of two hemispherical tetrafluoroethylene made into, after prolonged use, may leak between the seal and the spool, loosen the screw fittings at both ends of the valve hat, then tighten the valves at both ends of the cylindrical connector (under normal circumstances, turn the valve handle should be some resistance).
(7)Leakage fittings: The pressure cap can be tightened on the streets.
(8)Air hose: To prevent air flow meter is connected to both ends of the hose burst accident, it is recommended once every two years to replace the hose.
(9)The fermentation tank is complete and should be cleaned after the sterilization process, the installation process should ensure that the air distribution is reset, the timely replacement feeding hole washer, such as a foot valve leakage should replace the bottom valve gasket.
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