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Home-brewed wine

View: 22208/05/2015  
With ripe muscat grapes brewed red wine, it has a mellow flavor. Bright color, red roses or pink, more alcohol is 9 to 12 degrees. If you like to drink wine a higher degree, you can then add some sugar, alcohol fermentation can enter up to 16 degrees. After a rule of thumb, added to 17 g per liter of juice of sugar can be produced by fermentation of pure alcohol a degree, for example, 4 degrees liquor brewed alcohol per liter of grape juice should be unsweetened 17*4=68 grams.
Production Method
1. Broken. Mature red grapes rinse with water after removing the stems and green grain, grain mold, broken grain, etc., into sterilized containers (small cylinder), the hand crushed or mashed, but before the operation shall hand , sticks and containers first washed once with potassium permanganate, then washed with water once, then go operation to prevent bacterial contamination, but be careful not to use iron, copper and other metal tools and containers (or with a clean aluminum spoon in the cup pasteurized) grape mash.
2. Fermentation. The juice is fermented grape skins produce sugar in alcohol and carbon dioxide by the action of yeast, red wine before fermentation process is a mix of leather juice, yeast when grape juice has accessed broken, since the presence of frost on the grape skins yeast, so homemade wine fermentation yeast can not additionally added.
Fermentation temperature, preferably 15 ~ 25 ℃, should not exceed 35 ℃, but with a small container of fermentation, cooling easier, generally up to no more than 32 ℃.
When the skin juice into a container, usually after a day to start fermentation. The liquid begins to calm, then there are weak carbon dioxide bubbles, indicating the yeast has started breeding, after 2 to 3 days a large number of carbon dioxide release, form a layer of bran floating cap, tasting juice, sweet decreasing , increasing alcohol.
When the fermentation of the grape skin every day should go up with a sterile chopsticks pressed into juice within two to do so on the one hand prevents mildew of grape skin, sour, while immersed in the pigment on the skin juice, and discharge CO2, the yeast get oxygen, ferment more exuberant.
After the climax, the fermentation momentum began to weaken, then you can add sugar, sweetened with grape wine to dissolve, rather than sugar before adding water, and so the sugar is completely dissolved, continue for fermentation in the container, and finally to the weak and the release of carbon dioxide close calm, very strong taste of alcohol, reduce sugar to 1% or less, juice began to clear, that is the end of fermentation, pressed to the skin juice separated.
3. Press. Press method is to use a clean cloth bags or gauze, squeeze or twist pressure liquid that is flowing out of red wine, called meta wine.
4. Add egg clarification. 30 ml grape wine about adding one egg. The method is beaten egg white foam, thoroughly mixed with a small amount of wine, then add the wine, then stir and stand, to the wine clear and transparent, the precipitate was discarded.
5. Wine sugar. Most people's habits is that wine should be sweet, therefore, the need to deploy sweetened wines, about 12 to 14 percent sugar, use wine to dissolve sugar and stir to dissolve.
Thus, with a strong "rose" scent, sweet and sour red wine is made, but if stored in airtight containers in two months, the wine will more mellow flavor.
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