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The importance of brewing equipment regular inspection

View: 24213/05/2015  
Winemaking equipment is a traditional brewing process to our country for thousands of years of a major reform and breakthrough.It is widely used on the society of the traditional process two fermentation and three times burn process, reform and simplified into a fermentation and a fire. At present, brewing equipment but also has another outstanding characteristic, that don't need special equipment alone.
Wine equipment through improved gradually with the international advanced equipment.Brewing equipment of raw materials can be added directly, cooking, stand out, koji, saccharification, fermentation, distillation process is controlled by the process data acquisition and control, does not need auxiliary work can realize automation wine, white wine with a good quality of the beer, the characteristics of the pure taste.
Since maintenance is the maintenance of the normal operation of production equipment and does not require replacement parts, less spending in the economy, production equipment to run correctly, does not affect other mill equipment, it does not affect the production of. Repair is different, is the production of equipment failure has occurred excluded. Since it is a failure, it shows damaged parts has occurred, and to replace some of the parts, generally the cost is very high, the costs are greater. And when the production equipment failure, in the end how long it takes to repair, it is difficult to accurately grasp. If just is not enough spare parts inventory, you need to apply for procurement, cumbersome and high cost, but also affect the normal production, the economic benefits will be affected.
Maintenance is follow the rules and requirements of the normal operation of production equipment maintenance checks, no need to manufacture equipment for large-scale demolition big discharge, do not need too many techniques and sophisticated tools, except for some special large, complex production facilities need to ask manufacturers come maintenance, winemaking equipment generally rely on their own use or management personnel can be completed. Repair is different, because it is already faulty production equipment repair, so technically demanding.First, the failure to check what position, how to replace them, what parts or by what the causes. For some unknown judgment equipment failure problems often require equipment manufacturers to assist to solve!
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