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Jiangsu Prettech-brewing equipment

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Wine equipment can be divided into categories according to wine liquor equipment, beer equipment, wine equipment, wine and other types of equipment. Brewing equipment can be divided in accordance with the principles of wine fermentation equipment, brewing equipment and distillation equipment and later packed filling equipment.
Winemaking equipment according to the material can be divided into wood brewery equipment, brick winemaking equipment, stainless steel brewing equipment, aluminum winemaking equipment, tin several brewing equipment, etc.
Liquor equipment, for example, wood and brick and concrete is an ancient tradition of brewing equipment, because leakage of steam, bulky and difficult to migrate, the wine is low and other reasons have been eliminated. And tin quality winemaking equipment and because of expensive and difficult to spread. So now the popularity of wine equipment devices mostly of aluminum and stainless steel equipment.
Aluminum wine equipment still occupy most of the market share, the small aluminum density, aluminum brewing equipment is usually very light and easy to carry. Aluminum thermal performance, and therefore high thermal efficiency aluminum brewing equipment, saves fuel, and the wine quickly, the wine is high. Low cost aluminum, aluminum brewing equipment and therefore the price is relatively cheaper, easily recognized by consumers. But in the welding of aluminum will leave more obvious bead, so aluminum brewing equipment generally look slightly rougher, and because aluminum is not high gloss, making aluminum brewing equipment overall aesthetics greatly reduced. Each have their own benefits, not the best, only the most suitable, depending on your circumstances.
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