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Liquor wine equipment market prospects

View: 34614/05/2015  
As the saying goes, "no alcohol not a seat," the Chinese white wine as a valuable cultural heritage, their wedding will not be changed by the mainstream wine. As for the "wedding" choice, most consumers prefer white wine, this is not only due to people drinking traditions, but it is a retrospective on the liquor culture and restore. Thus, in a sense, with the change of people's living standards continue to improve and consumer awareness, wedding costs will be rising, but the cost of drinks accounted for a significant proportion of the cost of the wedding, a growing number of liquor brand will the wedding will be setting up shop in the consumer market, its competition will become increasingly fierce. At the same time, this phenomenon also promote diversification of liquor, carry forward the fine wine culture, consumption tends to be more mature.
Current consumption of liquor brewing equipment market price and so on, but the liquor profound cultural influence to the consumer market is still a lot of room. A quarter of the liquor industry to maintain the upward trend, especially second and third tier liquor brands, performance has been a significant growth. Analysis of the industry, the future of the liquor industry boom will continue, industry concentration will become high, second and third tier liquor will face a situation of rapid development. Analysts believe that the face of positive trends in the liquor industry in the first quarter of this year, the liquor industry will maintain volume and price go situation, growth will gradually accelerate, in performance, first-, second- and third-line liquor companies will rise circumstances arise.Insiders said the first-line liquor Maotai, Wuliangye and other brands will continue to maintain a stable growth pattern. Second and third tier brand of liquor or a strong attack,there is the development of a breakthrough in terms of growth and performance situations.
Perhaps,as experts believe it,liquor or wine equipment industry will enter a golden period of development,with the second and third tier liquor liquor will be a breakthrough in their own field,liquor in order to achieve more complete success in the consumer market,the need to continue to make greater efforts,such as the clear positioning of their products in order to personalize breakdown products,increase product richness,increase brand professional level,while control of sales channels and timely grasp the opportunity.So to get the long-term development,so that China's liquor industry further and further away.
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