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The city of the world famous beer

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Season is summer, beer is good a lot of good people in the summer of love. Familiar with men know oktoberfest each year near June will be held in many cities in the world all kinds of festival to invite tourists to taste from all over the world. Such a temptation for many of the people who love beer jade for cooking gold is absolutely delicious. Today, let us together into the world the city of several big famous beer, feel that the feeling of the temptation of wine from the wine.

Prettech beer tank brews the world famous beer

Portland  because the "City of Roses" in the title is familiar to everyone, it has hundreds of different roses, but Portland is also known for its beer, real beer here can be regarded as the world's best beers. According to earlier reports of international news network CNN, Oregon Portland in the 1960s, was named the world's best beer city, its position has been unshakable. Speaking of beer, Portland has a bunch tales, Portland who love cold beer, homemade uKeg Portland is the latest "Growler" technology, which keeps the beer cold and the inside of the carbonic acid, on supermarket tracking services, Portland craft beer sales in the United States ahead, 40% of the total sales volume. Portland holiday Oktoberfest each year there are about 15,000 people attended, Portland prepare for the festival every year, more than 100 barrels of beer, the beer factory in Oregon each year brewed ales countries accounted for 53% of total supply . Here you can taste 50 different wines, such as Belgium, wine, barley wine, dark beer, and sour wine, including some in the wine can not be found elsewhere.

Munich beer festival, I'm afraid no one I do not know, for 16 days of oktoberfest in Munich beer undoubtedly became the protagonist of the festival. Annual festival will provide tents, people with up to 7 million liters of beer and a lot of the Bavarian specialties. German beer variety, barley, wheat, oats, light, sweet, bitter, gold, brown, black, bottles, cans, draught, with alcohol, and alcohol, no alcohol, big company production, small workshops, bar homemade wine. In Germany, even there is special beer supermarket, to the different tastes of customers with a variety of choices.

Like the germans, canadians are like summer brings fresh beer, Mondial DE la Biere provide some beer from like molson, Rabat these giant companies including malt liquor, stout and bubble more lagers, Montreal also have their own festival, each to the beer festival there seemed to be the world's beer exhibition place, German beer, Haiti beers, Denmark, the Czech beer, Japanese beer, beer in Sweden, Britain, the United States, and etc, it is the heaven for the love of beer.

People is no stranger to Amsterdam this name, Amsterdam has a long history of the production and export of beer. Near Belgium brewery and owns as the main shipping channel canal, Amsterdam beer brand familiar heineken and nearby cross from glen beer. Heineken based in the Netherlands, and is the world's fourth largest beer company, tourists can join heineken experience in Amsterdam museum Tours, where they can experience the interactive performances and tour of the most exciting vintage brewing distillation.

Every city there are always some well-known Beer is different from other countries, such as: Portland Beer is brewed with Blichmann Beer Guns for the development of technology, the technology is the royal hotel (Imperial Bottle Shop) partner Alex g naira (Alex Kurnellas) invention, it can fill 16, 32, and 64 ounces of Bottle, here is also the world's only mastering the technology and the innovation place.

People pursuit of beer sometimes doesn't just stay on the palate, the exhaustion of a busy week while going off work at the weekend to look for a comfortable bistro, drink chief use for delight is many people love wine amateur life. So the design of the pub is particularly important, both to have a pleasant environment, also want to have wine phase contrast, this weekend is back to more perfect.

Any a well-known international beer city is rich in one or two wealthy international beer labels as the beer industry mainstay of the city. Such rich international beer labels must be sent to many countries in the world, and full of a long tradition of technology, texture and delicate features, of course, is also a very beer with local characteristics. To become a unique beer is the key to occupy the international market.

Many tourist resort is rich in beer is relatively well-known, the main reason is that the tourism industry developed here, large flow per capita, the effect of repeated standing in a crowd of advertisement, unless, of course, is a professional beer, otherwise no one is special for a brewery, a trip to a place here in addition to conform to the interests of tourists and other features complement each other, with local food collocation tunnel technology of beer is very good choice. Prettech beer tank brews the world famous beer, so if you want to brew beer, welcome to contact beer tank manufacturers-Prettech.

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