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Household automatic brewing machine available

View: 31327/05/2015  
Friends who like to drink beer blessed, recently appeared on the website Indiegogo congregation raise an automatic brewing machine project that will make you a real treat, drink "dream life."
The device is called Brewie, can help users with the highest quality at the lowest cost of brewing beer, wine knowledge, even if the user fully understand it anyway. In addition Brewie machine product suite, also with an RFID card (which built the beer brewing "wine spectrum") and a box of raw material packages, including packages malt, hops and yeast packet package. Of course, users can also choose different material bins, because they vary depending on the type and ratio of different beers, while there will be placed in the corresponding RFID cards.
Next, lazy brewing process can begin it.
First, each ingredient in the package into the machine a different container, water can also be added manually automatically, with the user preferences.
Then, swipe the card on the front Brewie wireless RFID reader area, Brewie automatically know what the user wants to drink beer. Click on the "Start" button, all the rest to Brewie it.
Finally, after about 5-6 hours of cooking and 5-14 days of fermentation, your exclusive fresh beer is complete, enjoy a drink bar.
These are for beginners "fool-stop wine spectrum of ingredients", if you are brewing experts, may wish to try to make their own adjustments wine spectrum, use their own ancestral recipe. During Brewie wine, which allows you to add a different number of hops in 10 different stages, in addition, Brewie there are as many as 23 kinds of parameters can be controlled for users in the brewing process, including beating, filtered water, cooking temperature, etc., so everyone can be modulated to suit your taste beer, really perfectly fine.
Brewie will save the user's own wine spectrum settings, easy brewing it again. In fact, not only ordinary users, is a professional brewers can also try using Brewie, it is not only simple and easy to use, but also reduce the waste of raw materials, the cost of saving a lot.
As described in the beginning, now, Brewie being Indiegogo on financing early supporter enjoy $ 999 (about 6180 yuan) at discounted prices, of course, different regions have to pay the appropriate postage. It is reported that the retail price of the product is $ 1,599 (about 9891 yuan), and then, or more money and more wayward friends can choose the exclusive skin style, dazzling appearance will be some, but the price is, you know, up to $ 4,499 (about 27,830 yuan).
For high-quality fresh beer brewed the needs of friends, how can you miss Brewie? Although not cheap, but the large-scale production of beer shelf surely more to their own tastes, but also to seek out cheaply than small craft beer breweries.
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