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Brewery Mashing System

View: 29810/08/2015  
Beer saccharification system consists of the mash Kettle, paste pots, filter tanks, boiling pot, settling tanks, hops add a device and so on.
Mashing system
Mashing system/tank has the main body adopts international standards of high quality 304 stainless steel material. Using a modern automatic plasma, laser cutting and pure argon gas shield welding manufacturing techniques, pot/slot the inner body and mailao material contact part of whole polishing processing, external scrub polishing treatment, ensure that customers are provided with advanced technology, high quality and low price, luxury and beauty mashing system
The mash Kettle, paste pots
1.the use of efficient Maitreya plate jacketing heat technology, applied steam theory of turbulence, achieve maximum heat transfer and energy saving effect while taking fully automatic temperature control technology, ensure the saccharification and pasting various process stages of heating speed and holding time accuracy.
2.Choose advanced flying speed control system, frequency conversion, automatic mixing, ensure the pasting, during mashing the mash evenly mixed, can maximize the gelatinization and saccharifying enzyme in the process the best biological activity and conversion, catalytic effect, to ensure the best quality of beer on the source and the highest yield.
Filter tank
1.the use of advanced scientific shaped blade construction and hydraulic auto lift technology to ensure uniform Groove, a Groove smooth, filtration rate and improved production efficiency, maintaining a good transparency and wort juice yield.
2.Choose advanced suspension, stirring device, equipped with automatic control of frequency, speed, technique, make the operation more convenient, flexible, simple maintenance, cost-saving.
Boiling pans
1.the application of advanced body boil, turbocharging, improved boiling intensity, which greatly increases the evaporation effect of dimethyl sulfide, protein aggregation of condensable such as, boiling of Wort and fast separation of polymers.
2.mixed with cardiopulmonary bypass technology, accelerated early wort heating rates, wort is uniform, consistent by always keeping the temperature in the heating process, preventing local overheating of the wort soluble denaturation, thus ensuring the quality of wort boiling.
Depositing tank accordance with the best Brewers stocks per unit filter area design, enlarged tank diameter to height ratio and reduce the swirling precipitation rate, promoting the settlement of concretions and cohesion to achieve separation.
2.assigned to trub tank, can increase the yield of Wort, and reduce environmental pollution.
Hops add a system
1.hops add a system made up of two or more tanks, equipped with pump and pipe, valves and other accessories, you can also control add.
2.hops are added in the system tanks, valves, pipes, and CIP systems, automatic, semi-automatic, cleansing and disinfection.
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