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Introduction on microbial fermentation

View: 34912/06/2015  
Wine fermentation tanks include: wine, beer, liquor and other alcohol.They are Saccharomyces cerevisiae, fermentation under anaerobic conditions, the conversion of glucose to ethanol production. Distilled spirits, wine, and therefore the main component is water and alcohol, as well as some of the volatile substances after heating, such as various esters, other alcohols, aldehydes and ketones, and a small amount of carbon. Wine and beer are non-distilled liquor, yeast fermentation juice or broth of glucose into alcohol, and other nutrients can partially yeast, produce some metabolites, such as amino acids, vitamins, etc., will be stepping into the fermentation the liquor. Therefore, wine and beer higher nutritional value.
Vinegar: food stores or supermarkets sell vinegar, white vinegar is made in addition to the chemical synthesis of food grade acetic acid blending, the other is fermented under aerobic conditions by the acetic acid bacteria, the alcohol produced by solid state fermentation into acetic acid production . Due to the difference of microbial strains or species of yeast used in the glucose fermentation process will produce lactic acid or other organic acids, thus making vinegar has a different flavor.
Soy sauce: soy sauce production as the main raw material, other wheat bran, wheat, corn, etc., will be made from the raw material pulverized solid medium, under aerobic conditions, the use of molds to produce proteases, such as Aspergillus niger to ferment. Microorganisms in the growth process will generate a lot of protease, a protein hydrolyzate medium into small molecules of peptides and amino acids, then rinsed, to prepare a soy sauce products. Soy sauce rich in amino acids and peptides, has a special flavor.
Yogurt: milk under anaerobic conditions by lactic acid fermentation, lactase, and further fermented to produce lactic acid and other organic acids, as well as some aromatic substances and vitamins; at the same time also partially hydrolyzed protein. Thus, yogurt is a nutritious, digestible, less lactose, is suitable for those who have lactose indications excellent food.
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