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Tank Maintenance And Cleaning Method

View: 36217/06/2015  
Tank is generally longer life, long-term storage of oil tend to ignore the periodic inspection and cleaning of the tank. Because long-term use of tanks, corrosion and leaks will occur, if the tank inspection oversight, it will cause great security risk. Tank's health at the same time threatening the safety of the surrounding environment and the tank farms, maintaining safe and clean tank, oil tank wall corrosion scientific control is essential for use.
Clean the tank to affect oil quality, the health of the tank threatens the security of the surrounding environment and tank farms. Keep the tank clean, Scientific oil tank wall corrosion control for the oil companies can not be ignored. Holding tank inside a clean, reduce oil pollution of various metal and rust, can induce oxidative deterioration of oil. Tank wall brushing rust proof layer can better prevent metal to oil oxidation catalytic role. Slag, gasoline storage tank bottom is mainly rust when unloading tanks, tank bottom sediments will be thrown, powdery rust will dissolve the oil, if the car is added to this oil for vehicles itself is a great harm. Diesel storage tank bottom sediment accumulation years, paste mounted tank bottom sludge will reach 10 centimeters. Regular cleaning of the inner wall of the tank and anti-corrosion coating is the solution to corrosion of a metal oxide, oil deterioration of effective measures to slow down the process;
The longer the time oil storage tank, the more sediment oxidation, the more serious impact on the oil quality. At the same time, once the metal tank corrosion perforation, a significant amount of oil leakage, damage economic waste and the environment, or even cause a fire hazard. Thus, the tank bottom must be checked once a year to determine the need for cleaning.
Tank everyday use as well as the life of the tank
Tank use, because most of the tank using environment is more severe, and some tanks when used outdoors, exposed to rain is inevitable. This is likely to cause pollution of water miscellaneous oil. Miscellaneous oil in the water, mostly mixed in transport, handling, storage, long-term storage of oil will precipitate dissolved water in oil, long-term accumulated acidic aqueous layer will appear in the bottom of the tank . In all due to deterioration of the oil stored, since the mixing of water caused by substandard fuel quality miscellaneous accounted for the majority.
Oil storage tank requirements of various tank cleaning cycle is: light oil and lubricants Tank washed once three years; two and a half heavy diesel oil tank cleaning. Cleaning and regular inspection of the tank, not only to ensure the oil is not contaminated but also the health of the tank allows you to have an accurate grasp of avoiding greater safety problems. Mixed with oil in addition to a variety of mechanical impurities can clog filters and oil, causing the oil supply failure, it will also increase the base member to wear, even causing friction surface scratches and other adverse consequences. Mixed with the oil in the water can corrode the tank (after the water freezes at low temperatures can clog oil passages); the presence of moisture caused some additives such as detergent dispersants, antioxidants, anti-knock agent, decomposition and precipitation, making it failure; the presence of moisture, to accelerate the rate of oxidation of the oil, which also increased the amount of gum formation. In addition, the tank bottom sediment acidic aqueous layer, will accelerate corrosion of the tank, causing the tank wall thin even eliminate leakage.
Different types of oil tanks can not be mixed, otherwise it would decrease the quality of oil, serious cause oil deterioration. Especially of high-grade oil, containing a variety of special effect additives, when added different additives oil mixed system, it will affect the performance characteristics and even cause additive precipitation deterioration. Drums, tank cars, tanks, tankers and other containers adapted to different species of oil, should be thoroughly cleaned container, scrub and dry, required to achieve no impurities, water, grease and fibers.
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