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Fermenter which is mainly used in the field

View: 36619/06/2015  
In China, the fermenter is mainly used in dairy fermentation, fermentation, wine fermentation field food waste treatment equipment, food waste processing, distillery wastewater treatment equipment, biogas equipment.
Fermenter in the classification used in accordance with domestic primary fermenter equipment, divided into mechanical stirring ventilated and non-ventilated mechanical agitation fermentor, according to the metabolic needs of the growth of microorganisms, is divided into aerobic and anaerobic type fermentation type fermentation tank filling.
Fermenter tank body has interlayer insulation layer, the heating, cooling, insulation function. Upper and lower body are made of oval head spinning R angle processing tank wall mirror polished, sanitary no dead ends, and fully enclosed design to ensure that the material remains under state pollution mixing, fermentation. Device is equipped with an air breathing hole, CIP cleaning nozzles, manholes, expected out other devices.
Fermenter equipment used in the round-robin fashion, with a stirring paddle disperse and break bubble, which dissolved oxygen, high speed, good mixing. Tank with SUS304 or 316L imported stainless steel, the tank is equipped with automatic spray cleaning head to ensure that the production process meets GMP requirements. Fermentor is widely used in dairy products, beverages, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. In recent years with advances in science and technology, as the livelihood of the fermentation industry has achieved rapid development, fermentation equipment is also updated from the traditional to the modern direction.
Fermenter for anaerobic fermentation structure can be relatively simple. Fermenter of such requirements are: to be closed; can withstand a certain pressure; cooling equipment; tank to minimize the device, eliminating dead ends, easy cleaning and sterilization. Alcohol and beer are all anaerobic fermentation product, the fermentation tanks fed by eliminating the need of expensive sterile air, so the equipment amplification, manufacture and operation, than aerobic fermentation equipment is much simpler.
Fermenter for aerobic fermentation tank because of the need to continuously fed a lot of sterile air, and to consider the utilization of passing air, it is more complex structure in the fermenter, commonly used mechanical agitation fermentor, bubbling fermenter and airlift fermenter.
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