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The 2015 global wine industry prospect and bright spot

View: 11002/07/2015  
In the past decade, the global wine trade and the global economy as changing. But experts believe that the current wine industry is entering a period of steady growth. In February, a report on PR Newswire (PR Newswire) issued mentioned, market analyst Technavio prediction: the next five years, the wine market gains CAGR (compound annual growth) was 2.86%, wine production The compound annual growth rate of 1.36%.
Global wine production in 2013 up to 2.91 billion liters in 2014 fell to 2.79 billion liters, wine consumption is also made in 2013 of 2.424 billion liters, down to 2.4 billion liters. But this did not affect the rise of the global wine trade, to the beginning of this year, the total value of the wine industry is about 26 billion euros. As we enter the third quarter of 2015, let us look back at the market performance of the global wine industry, and the future development trend analysis and forecasting.
Wine production
Last year, France with 467 million liters of wine production ranked first in the world's largest producer, Italy ranked second with 447 million liters. In recent years, the two countries often appear alternately at the top, with output ranked third in Spain, Europe's main wine-producing countries accounted for 47% of global annual production of wine. Although Old World wine regions are still leading the international wine trade, but also the importance of the New World producing increasingly prominent. For example, Australia, New Zealand, Chile and South Africa, New World exports of these areas have dramatically increased recently, or even up to 370%.
And because of the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (Common Agricultural Policy), Old World wine regions of production in the gradual decline. In the early 2000s, European wine-producing areas account for 73% of the international market, and now this proportion dropped to about 60%, if you press this trend continues, by 2030, Europe will no longer be the world's largest wine production area. Nevertheless, French influence in the high-end wine market is still underestimated. Italy adopted a series of measures in recent years, including cooperation with eBay, to reduce the loss of sales caused by counterfeit products. In the past few months, eBay shelves 160 bottles of adulterated liquor (price of approximately $ 55 million).
Wine Market
European countries, in addition to a considerable decline in wine production, wine consumption is declining. Last year, the United States formally replaced France as the largest wine-consuming countries. Experts believe that the dollar is a factor in the growth of the US wine market. The US annual per capita wine consumption is about 12 liters, Silicon Valley Bank (Silicon Valley Bank) predicted that the US wine consumption will rise further in 2015. In addition, the growing popularity of high-quality wines in the US market, or to predict the high-end market will reach 14% to 18%.
Vineyard area
2015 global grape growing area of ​​7,519,000 hectares, compared to 2003 decreased by about 500,000 hectares, but some emerging wine regions such as China, grape acreage has risen sharply. A few months ago, China has 799,000 hectares of grape growing area (including table grapes), the world's second-largest wine-growing country, after Spain has 1,020,000 hectares of vineyards.
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