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Company News

Market advantage of brewed beer equipment

View: 11720/07/2015  
Now food safety more and more get the attention of people, all like to get food to add fun to live and eat more at ease. Home-brewed beer is becoming more and more fashionable, below is for everybody introduction of home-brewed beer equipment market advantage:
1, have brewed beerequals built a brewery in the hotel. Not only does it produce a cold draft beer in summer, warm in winter warm beer, but also to provide different flavors and nutrition for different consumer health ale, such as beer, dark beer, a glass, spirulina green beer and women all kinds of fresh fruit beer, etc. To the production of beer, but also let customers enjoy the high level of consumption while immersive experience the unique charm of high quality beer production.
2, series of wine made from grapes with brewed beer equipment, beer barley, rye, spirulina beer, balsam pear beer, beer sweet wines, has become the darling of the beer consumption market, since the malt beer raw materials using Australia, Czech top fresh yeast, hops and Germany do not add any auxiliary materials such as rice or other materials, focusing on strengthening the barley is the natural health care function, have lower blood lipids, soften blood vessels, improve heart function, prevent cancer, and after drinking is not easy to get fat and other health care function.
3, draft beer in the country already has many years of sales, home-brewed beer is just emerging, brewed beer and draft beer competition started, a new competition coming storm; on the advantage we say brewed beer sales in the market also belongs to the high end. The brewed beer drinking population is limited, brewed beer competition can only do it from the taste and nutritional value. Although beer has a long history and a large sales market, but once there is a force to compete, then beer dominate the hotel, bar, barbecue market will last, followed by the beer is brewed world, brewed beer with its unique advantages will compete the market.
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