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Introduction to craft beer and health control

View: 11322/07/2015  
With the improvement of people's living standards, the beer of the high-end, craft is more and more highly respected. Recently, Reuters news reports, "craft beer will become the new darling of the Chinese people." Chinese Wine Association recently also actively build China Hand microbrew beer spilled cartel, which undoubtedly confirms our craft beer is growing rapidly forward.
1.Select and hygiene control of raw materials
Craft beer spilled materials should be "carefully selected" pure malt quality will be the best choice, do not add any accessories, return the original beer brewing methods, malt gives the beer a rich aroma.
Malt Storage To prevent damp, mildew, vermin and other phenomena, to maintain good ventilation; temperature and humidity changes concern malt library; regular Treasury to fight drugs, fumigation and pest prevention in advance.
Health Control 
2.saccharification process
Crushing control: After crushing the raw material should be feeding, especially in the higher temperatures in the summer, if not promptly crushed feed, malt easily damp rancidity.
Boil Control: is an important part of the wort boiling sterilization, to ensure adequate strength and boiling boiling time.
Into the tank control: after boiling wort pumped to spin the sink, to promptly cooled to prevent the spin-heavy tank too long residence time, wort temperature is lowered, causing microbial contamination. Wort before the wort into the tank to make sure pipes, compressed air and yeast sterile. Into the tank must be done starting from "zero" pollution.
3.Fermentation health control
Before the wort into the fermenter tank in a sterile state must ensure that the fermentation tank cleaning should be timely, ensure the effectiveness of the use of disinfectant. After each use a fermenter to thoroughly wash cycle, to prevent health corner.
Fermentation plant sanitation must be clean to ensure that every day more than 30min ultraviolet disinfection, fumigation is conducted quarterly.
4.Filling health control
Craft beer and regular beer big difference is that it does not go through the subsequent sterilization, keeping the broth most pure taste and nutrition, so craft beer filling process to be strict hygiene requirements.
4.1 barrels of beer spilled health control
Currently, most of the craft beer spilled all packaged in the form of barrels, kegs of beer kegs existing brushing alone can not achieve thorough brushing machine and cleaning effect, must meet certain manual washing.
Throwing beer keg filling most of them use the current injection filling wine, focusing barrel of wine do is spear throwing cap and injection device prior to contact health control, always ensure sterility, which requires strict regulated hygienic standards to guide the production.
Health control 
4.2 bottled beer
Moment, there have been many high-end consumer sites bottled craft beers, most food-grade stainless steel bottles is appeared, the appearance of packaged, suitable for low temperature storage.
However, for stainless steel bottle washing, there is no automated molding equipment, Most artificial scrub, then soak disinfection, airtight after cryopreservation or scrub directly use.
Now the market appears a lot of different styles of small stainless steel bottles of beer filling equipment, but have some use defects, not only inefficient, wine great loss, and the operation is not sealed, can lead to contamination. Therefore, the filling of a bottle of wine to be very strict sanitation requirements, use of hygienic standards to be controlled.
Health control 
5.Health control of finished product storage and transportation
Craft beer storage and transportation requirements throughout the cold chain. Because beer is both rich in nutrients, but also there are more active yeast. If the temperature control is not good, it is prone to yeast secondary fermentation, the beer not only affects the taste, but also results in a higher pressure bottle, may cause up lid, bottle leak, leading to microbial contamination.
In summary, the health status of craft beer brewing process every step should have a very high demand, its space health and hygiene practices normative standard enterprise also has a strong dependence. So, not only craft beer is beer high-end, it is more important is brewing process should be strictly controlled and standardized.
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