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United States craft beer market analysis and its enlightenment to China

View: 11524/07/2015  
Through the United States craft beer market over the past 5 years data analysis, combined with the consumer market research we can draw the following conclusions:
When traditional beer market growth into stagnation or even a decline at the same time, craft beer is filled with diverse, personalized beer product will show its strong competitiveness.
From the consumer expectation, craft beer is better suited as a specialty restaurants, bars and other entertainment places small sales specialty products. In supermarkets, restaurants and other places, the insufficient competitiveness of craft beer.
In the marketing research process, love craft beer consumers show a resistance to big brand beer. That they do not want to buy craft beer from big brands (such as Budweiser and Miller), but they will not mount a big holding company, a small craft beer produced to resist. Craft beer brand independence is also constituted an important factor in their competitiveness.
In the product type, unique craft beer produced by fermentation (such as white beer, stout and low temperature fermentation beer) will attract fixed consumer groups. By adding special raw materials and produce a unique flavor of craft beer (coffee-flavored beer, tobacco, beer, chocolate-flavored beer) beer and seasonal characteristics (pumpkin beer) will break out periodic sales. How to adjust the production volume and production one of the challenges will be a craft beer producers.
Craft beer market will be China's beer industry challenges and opportunities, to seize this opportunity will gain the upper hand in future market competition.
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