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Wine equipment the development direction and the needs of the environment

View: 12203/08/2015  
Wine equipment development
As the domestic "circular economy", wine and value-added of comprehensive utilization, energy conservation will be the inevitable, Tartar for domestic business equipment, grape seed deep processing and comprehensive utilization of Pi Zha equipment, energy conservation equipment is needed.
Filling line automatic control and the control of information is the goal of future factory, aseptic filling is the direction of the wine industry. In order to ensure wine quality, avoiding oxidation of the wine of the new broken and press equipment of choice for big companies. Due to the higher grades of wine, wine packaging changes rapidly, developing new packaging equipment market needs.
Second, wine equipment needed for the development environment
1. technical support. Perfection of device must depend first on wine perfection of enterprise technology, equipment to keep up with technological advances, strengthening cooperation and big companies, common research; second, we must strengthen cooperation and scientific research institutes to address nationalization of key components. The beer equipment disc filter, from import to nationalization took more than 10 years of time. For my wine equipment if you do not increase the research efforts to achieve development.
2. policy support. At present, some domestic-funded enterprises to import equipment duty-free wine, but does not have the same policy with domestic equipment, advanced imported equipment and domestic equipment prices are close to, is not conducive to domestic equipment development and independent innovation. Domestic wine equipment processing businesses, the Government can support a strong and has the Foundation of enterprises as the leading enterprise, strengthen competition with foreign enterprises, improve the ability of independent innovation, promote the development of industries.
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