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Fermentation Production Of Wolfberry Wine

View: 12111/08/2015  
Production technology
Wolfberry production of sorting, washing, see the preparation of wolfberry wine
Lycium barbarum caught in the wash, dry, and sent to the Crusher. Wolfberry seed small, generally will not be broken, wolfberry seed also plays an important role, without removing it.
Wolfberry juice
According to fermentation and production of Chinese wolfberry wine quality needs, adding sulfur dioxide in Chinese wolfberry juice. Sugar of lycium can also add sugar to make up for fewer defects. This ensure consistent quality of citric juice of wolfberry juice, absorbing medlar nutritional ingredients and medicinal ingredients, or high pressure homogenization and other advanced technology.
Wolfberry juice into the fermentation tank, access to training better and Saccharomyces cerevisiae, but at around 15D 15~20℃ fermentation. Low fermentation temperatures to keep medlar unique flavors and good wine, and will help produce higher alcohol, fermented at high temperatures, poor flavor of the wine, wine clarity is not ideal.
Chinese wolfberry wine is a wine is a wine storage after a period of time, to clarify wine, bright, mellow, soft wine with Goji Berry fragrance blending phase contrast, medicinal components and form a whole, drinking and health effect close to the best.
Aging wine in the form of a small amount of precipitation, filters sediment.
After filling and sterilization and aging, filtering, inspection, lycium barbarum filling bottles, obtained after sterilization products. Of wine by ultra-temperature instantaneous sterilizer technology sterilization, ensures that quality is not affected by adverse effects of sterilization.
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