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Differences between wine oak barrels and stainless steel wine brewing

View: 28216/09/2015  
Wine fermentation tank is divided into oak barrels and stainless steel tanks (also including concrete barrels) , the old world countries often use oak barrels for wine, while new world countries mostly use stainless steel tanks.
Stainless steel tank features a strong ventilation, temperature are easy to adjust further, easy to clean, high durability, so has a superiority in health management and economic performance. At the time of fermentation, temperature control is very important, stainless steel tank can adjust the VAT within and around cold or warm water to reach optimum temperature. In addition, emphasis on fresh fruit flavors of the wine, try to avoid acidification, most in stainless steel tanks for fermentation.
wines oak barrels                                         wine fermentation tank
Oak is characterized by ventilation, and can trace oxygen supplied to the wine. During the process of fermentation, aging, rapid acidification will lower the quality of wine, but for the core strong taste of wine, during some classes, contact with the micro-oxygen gives better flavor. In addition, another feature of the barrel is in the process of aging, will give unique flavor of wine oak materials. Especially in contact with wine area, a small capacity and new oak barrels, fermentation the yeast metabolism during wood fragrance and aroma make this Chinese classic wines, will further complicate the aroma and flavor of the wine, thus creating a wine.
So. Whether used oak barrels or stainless steel tank, has its pros and cons, the key is to see wine makers want to make what sort of wine.
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