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Wine Serving Temperature

View: 24616/10/2015  

The birth of a bottle of quality wine, can be said to be the perfect combination of geographical and human elements. Awarded wines, it is extremely lucky. However, the wine didn't get entrance to taste the moment may also be filled with many variables, any grasp of details might influence the last thing you taste the wine texture and flavor. Grasp the optimum drinking temperature is one of the most important checks. Each wine has its optimum serving temperature, temperature is too high or too low can affect the texture and flavor to the final taste. How to grasp the best serving temperature for wine? All kinds of wine serving temperature in the end will it become?

Gathering dust for years or even decades vintage, and finally to drinking, such as auspicious. However, when we hold this wine to be opened when the anxious mood perhaps we have neglected to create an optimum serving temperature. The best serving temperature while the eye not to hand scratching their ears cannot hear, but just open the flavor and texture of the wine will have more or less impact.

Different types of wines, the best drinking temperature is different. In General, red wine serving temperature is 15 c-18 c, higher than the optimum drinking temperature white wine 8-12 degrees centigrade. Even red wine of the same type with different grapes, it needs the optimum drinking temperature also varies, such as wine of Cabernet Sauvignon optimum drinking temperature is 18 c of wine, and Pinot Noir wine serving temperature is 14 degrees centigrade. The following figure lists several common wines for you the optimal drinking temperature.

different grape beer temperature

When drinking all kinds of wines, ensuring the optimum serving temperature, this will help us discover and taste the wines with the best quality, the most wonderful flavor.


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