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Digital weighing technology is the key to greater productivity in food & beverage industry

View: 48427/05/2020  

Companies in the food&beverage and packaging industries can benefit disproportionately from IIOT and the digitization of weighing technology it offers as demonstrated by practical applications. Digital SG-based load cells are now comparable in precision to EFC load cells and they are cheaper, more rugged, easier to install and more durable.


A uniform, intuitively operable digital platform not only simplifies the configuring of digital load cells, it also makes it possible to digitize analog load cells (as required for sensitive hygienic areas) via transducer electronics.

That makes it possible to use digital weighing technology for almost any application in the food industry within or at the end of the filling process, and to readjust the process if necessary. Compared to EFC technology, SG-based weighing technology offers significantly greater efficiency and productivity with considerably lower costs.

Digital load cells also make it possible for food producers to use the gravimetric filling principle. It leads to considerably more accurate filling results compared to the volumetric approach (flow measurements) or filling by filling height. The principle of gravimetric filling is superior especially when high accuracy is essential or when it comes to microbiologically sensitive products. This is because tolerances in container volume and different physical properties of the product (proportion of particles, viscosity, conductivity, number of gas bubbles) do not affect the filling result. Weight-controlled filling provides optimum hygienic conditions and also reduces foreign particles because the sensor does not come in contact with the filling product.

Prettech now supplies a complete solution for the weighing system to match our tanks and vessels in various industries. Tell us your needs and leave the rest to our engineering team. 

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