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Cider Making Processing and Equipment

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Cider Making Processing and Equipment

Cider makers all over the world are experiencing a revival akin to the craft-beer revolution: invoking old-world, traditional styles while also innovating and experimenting. Hard cider is tapping into the beer and wine markets as well as the gluten-free trend, and it is developing an identity of its own.



The Styles

How the apples express themselves and the decisions the cider maker makes before, during, and after fermentation can produce a full range of flavors and expressions, from sweet to dry, clean to funky, smooth to prickly and bubbly.


Crash and press

Its procedures to prepare the clean apple juice. It is possible to crush and press your own apples, but it requires a significant investment in equipment. For industrial cider making, a crash machine and a pneumatic press are necessary. Many orchard owners provide services for pressing the fruit. Ready made fresh juice is available and easy for small batch cider making.


Fermentation and Finishing

The first phase of fermentation will take about seven to ten days. After you pitch the yeast, you need to let it sit for a day or two, watching for fermentation activity through change in appearances and airlock activity. Stainless steel tanks are commonly used for fermentation for large batch cider making.

The secondary phase of fermentation, which helps to clarify and develop the cider, can take from one to two weeks up to two months, depending on the yeast you use and how sweet or dry you want your cider. Variable capacity tank is a good option here for small batch making, providing a always full status to isolate the air(oxygen). Check Prettech VCT here

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Still or Sparkling

If you want sparkling cider, you add priming sugar before bottling and let it age and condition in the bottle for two to three weeks. In the industrial making, bright tank will be introduced here with carbonation stone. If you prefer still cider (no carbonation), you bottle the cider without adding any priming sugar, and you can consume it right away or let it age for a few weeks to see whether it develops any interesting character. Check Prettech Bright Tank here



Then drink and enjoy!

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