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Fermentation equipment --stainless steel square tank

View: 24615/06/2021  

Stainless steel square tank is the main equipment in the fermentation plant, which provides a place to adapt to microbial life activities and biological metabolism. At present, most of the fermentation workshops of modern beer brewing and engineering have realized mechanization, semi-automation, or automation. However, some operations in the production process of refermentation still need to be combined with the more heavy manual operation to complete. 

To make alcohol yeast converts sugar into alcohol in stainless steel tank, and make the conversion rate is higher, is again under normal circumstances, in addition to meet the necessary conditions of alcohol yeast growth and metabolism, reaction time, also need a certain life again in the process of biochemical reaction will also four gives off a certain amount of heat, if the heat is not removed in time, will directly affect the growth of yeast and metabolites of conversion rate, therefore, The structure of the alcohol fermentor must meet the above technological requirements. In addition, in terms of structure, it should also be considered that it is conducive to the discharge of fermentation liquid, the cleaning and maintenance of the equipment, and the convenience of equipment manufacturing and installation.  


In the process of alcohol fermentation to recover part of the alcohol brought out by carbon dioxide gas and make comprehensive use of other dioxide gas, it is more common to adopt the closed type of stainless steel square tank.  The stainless steel square tank body is equipped with a pressure gauge, thermometer, and sampling valve. Generally, the filling top of the alcohol fermentation tank is equipped with manholes inside the tank for clear observation and inspection. For large instructors, manholes are often also installed near the tank bottom for easy maintenance and clarity.  

Fermentation tank cooling device, for small and medium-sized fermentors, the top of the tank sprinkling water on the surface of the outer wall of the tank for membrane cooling to avoid the supermarket and water fermentation workshop, affecting the workshop health and operation, it is required to be at the bottom of the tank. Along the sides of the tank is equipped with a collecting tank, through which the wastewater is discharged into the sewer. For large fermentation tanks, a honeycomb jacket is generally used because the cooling area of the outer wall of the tank can not meet the cooling requirements.  

Alcohol fermentation tank washing, past all by manual operation, not only the intensity of labor is big, and once he dioxide gas is not completely ruled out, workers into the tank cleaning poisoning accidents will happen, usually, alcohol fermentation tank has gradually by water jet washing device, and the less the workers labor intensity and improve the operation efficiency. Large fermentors to adopt this water washing device.

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