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Introduction to the brewpub brewery equipment

View: 18021/06/2021  

Prettech brewpub brewery equipment is a hotel, the South American barbecue shop Marcy, restaurants, bars and other places of catering entertainment production of the beer itself, directly to enjoy an ideal choice for the guest, appearance elegant luxury, cover an area of an area small, easy to operate, not only has high ornamental value but also can make the customer an intuitive see the beer production process, a taste of the beer culture connotation.

brewpub brewery equipment

Teaching experiment equipment is Prettech brewpub brewery equipment manufacturer hired professional domestic senior brew masters according to the beer equipment production experience for many years and 20 years development, and on the basis of digesting and absorbing technology at home and abroad, especially good for craft new craft beer based on the teaching experiment equipment, in order to meet the needs of colleges and universities and research institutes at home and abroad, The introduction of German technology to develop and design the beer production equipment teaching experimental equipment. 

The brewpub brewery equipment is made of copper and stainless steel with fine craftsmanship, and it has the archaized shape of copper in the sweetening pot, with ancient flavor and elegant appearance. The equipment adopts electric heating mode, which is easy to operate, with no noise and no pollution. We can also customize the craft beer equipment according to the actual situation of each hotel, making the craft beer equipment become the main hardware facilities to improve the hotel service level. This kind of on-site wine, wine tasting bars, hotels, and restaurants have more and more appeared in the mass of urban people accustomed to life.

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