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Stainless steel tank quality of the key factors

View: 78716/08/2021  

Stainless steel tank is designed and produced by our company, is a clean, environmental protection water storage equipment, will not cause contamination to the water source, while improving the quality of drinking water users. However, there are three key factors in the process of using the water tank in the device, which are introduced to you below.

Stainless steel tank

1, stainless steel tank base

1) the size of the tank base should be configured according to the size of the tank bottom frame;

2) Adhere to the horizontal plane between the cement pier (or channel steel);

3) non-standard water tank and special-shaped stainless steel tank by the factory design drawings.

2, the use of stainless steel square water tank, maintenance and maintenance

1) Long time placed after reuse, should adhere to the local deformity;

2) Purge and disinfect the inside of the water tank on schedule, and adhere to cleaning;

3) Do not turn the water tank interface when piping, it should be fixed before receiving, otherwise water leakage.

4) The pipeline needs to be supported by a fixed bracket;

5) The expansion, contraction and vibration of the stainless steel tank must be equipped with a buffer joint.

3, stainless steel water tank configuration and supporting accessories

1) Stainless steel tank accessories are: 80mm manhole with lock, internal and external ladder, exhaust port, various holes, single flange.

2) Our company may also supply according to user request: liquid level sensor, water level meter, temperature control probe, display instrument, steam heating coil, ozone disinfection equipment, electronic water treatment instrument, etc.

Stainless steel tank is a new generation of water tank products after glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank, its products are made of SUS304 stainless steel plate molding, beautiful shape, economic and practical, the main body is not bad. Stainless steel water tank compared with other water tanks, there are beautiful appearance, light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, water quality clean, seepage prevention, seismic, no moss, water quality without secondary contamination, convenient device, no maintenance, easy cleaning and many other advantages.

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