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How to install the stainless steel sink?

View: 10118/10/2021  

Stainless steel water tank production process: cutting plate, pressure type, chamfering, made into 1 m *1 m, 1 m *0.5 m, 0.5 m *0.5 m stainless steel water tank plate, according to the requirements, to the scene welding assembly. Stainless steel water tank installation is very simple, the customer purchased from the manufacturer or distributor of stainless steel water tank, and its accessories, can let the customer know how to use, product parts generally includes linking piece, retaining screw (a slightly different depending on the stainless steel water tank specification), the tank feet frame, water tank lid, automatic floating ball dispensable) (depending on customer requirements, It basically consists of the above parts.

Stainless steel water tank production process

Stainless steel water tank manufacturers tell you how to install stainless steel water tank:

The first step is to mold the stainless steel plate into a square plate of one meter;

The second step, assembly, first spread the bottom plate in the ground, with argon arc welding link.The third step, the side plate, first assembled the side plate, and then connect with the bottom plate, and then welding;

The fourth step, the water tank inside the tendon, the tendon to have transverse and longitudinal, can not be too thin, so as not to water tank pressure is too large and deformation;

The fifth step, roof, roof splicing on the top of the water tank, in the water tank with argon arc welding joint. 

Matters needing attention of stainless steel tanks for sale

Water tank construction operation must be dry, to avoid electric shock;

If the installation is performed outdoors, stop the operation in case of a thunderstorm to prevent lightning strikes.

Stainless steel water tank should be installed with a cement strip base, easy to repair when water leakage.

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