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What are the benefits of using a box pump integrated stainless steel water tank?

View: 26515/11/2021  

With the development of the city, urban life water supply secondary pressurized pump station has been an indispensable part of the residential district and urban high-rise buildings to the water, it is understood that the current secondary water supply has become the main water supply mode of high-rise residential buildings in the city, residents use the box pump integration of stainless steel water tank is also more and more. So what are the benefits of using a box-pump integrated water tank?

Stainless steel tank manufacturers pay attention to high efficiency energy saving power outage water, intelligent degree of high, beautiful appearance, high-grade long service life, investment province, small footprint, reasonable operation, high reliability, flexible configuration. Box pump integrated water tank is directly using the tap water pipe network pressure of a stacked water supply sanitation, energy saving, comprehensive investment small equipment. The following is a detailed introduction of its advantages:

Space saving: the pump and pump chamber are placed in the water tank and fixed to the integrated pump station module. Usually only occupy 0.5~1.5m of water tank volume.

 integration of stainless steel water tank

Easy to move, disassemble long use time: due to the use of assembled stainless steel water tank changed the previous welding method using screws assembly applicability is good and convenient installation.

Convenient emptying: because the new submersible fire pump is directly submerged in the water, there is no need to exhaust air as long as the water tank level is within the specified level, you can directly enter the state of fire water supply.

Free from freezing and cracking: storage tanks for sale after the fire pump submersible placed in the depths of the water tank in winter will not be burned out due to freezing.

Low noise: equipped with water-immersed motor and pump greatly reduce the noise of operation.

Simple: the reserved interface can support remote transmission and automatic cleaning.

What are the benefits of the use of box pump integrated water tank here is introduced, I believe that you have learned a lot of knowledge and experience, I hope you can use what you learned today when choosing products, choose to use products.

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