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Matters needing attention of stainless steel oil storage tanks for oil storage

View: 31711/04/2022  

In the process of brewing and pressing oil, it is inevitable to need short-term or long-term storage oil, in order to prevent oil deterioration or chemical reactions, we need to use stainless steel oil storage tanks.

stainless steel oil storage tanks

If the stainless steel oil storage tanks meet the national standards, then the cooking oil can be stored in them, but it is not recommended to store too much at one time for too long. If the cooking oil is stored for too long, it will spoil, it can be stored for a short period of time. So, first of all, when you buy stainless steel oil storage tanks, you must make sure that the quality of the stainless steel is up to the eating standard. Now there will be a lot of unqualified stainless steel on the market, this kind of unqualified meeting produces harm to human body health, so everybody wants to go to formal channel to buy when buying. Cooking oil and stainless steel will not produce a chemical reaction, but cooking oil is easy to oxidize and deteriorate after contact with air, so we do not store too much cooking oil at ordinary times, do not store it in stainless steel containers for long periods of time. Our stainless steel oil storage tanks are made of food-grade stainless steel without affecting the taste. It also speeds up the oxidation process, prevents bacterial contamination and spoilage, and can be designed with a special cone-shaped bottom for easy discharge.

Prettech is a supplier of stainless steel brewing equipment, with over 50 years of production experience, exporting stainless steel wine fermentation tanks to more than 20 countries. If you'd like to know more, please send an email to

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