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How white wine fermentation tanks store white wine

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Now living standards are constantly improving, many people are improving their own quality, white wine is a universal favorite of many people. White wine is made in white wine fermentation tanks, a high-quality white wine fermentation tank determines the purity and taste of winemaking, so, white wine fermentation tanks, which protect the fermentation of white wine, are essential for a full-bodied white wine.

white wine fermentation tanks

White wine fermentation tanks how to store white wine well, many people do not know how white wine is made, and white wine fermentation tanks in the end what good performance, let's take a look at the storage and brewing of white wine.

It should be known that grapes contain malic acid, citric acid, etc. . In order to prevent oxidation and bacterial contamination, sulfur dioxide is often added during the production of white wine, but this kind of material can corrode the fermenter, so the former fermenter can not prevent the corrosion very well, but the present white wine fermentation tanks material is the acid resistance medium, has the good corrosion resistance, the oxidation resistance and so on performance, these white wine fermentation tanks is very easy to clean and is the best container for making white wine.

White wine fermentation tanks, which are made of food-grade stainless steel, are often used for the storage of white wine. The white wine fermentation tanks are highly hermetically sealed to prevent any harmful sances from entering the tank, it is scientifically designed to keep the sediment at the bottom of the tank from being upturned by the flow of water and is very practical.

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