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Stainless Steel Steaming Ball

View: 112808/07/2022  

The steaming ball is a rotary batch cooking and pulping equipment.

Scope of application: ammonium pulping, alkaline pulping

1. Application:

1). It can adapt to various plant fiber raw materials to make a variety of pulps with different requirements;

2). During the working process of the steaming ball, due to the continuous rotation, the straw flakes and the liquid medicine can be well mixed, so the uniform pulp quality can be obtained;

3). Simple structure, easy operation, no need for complicated auxiliary equipment and automatic control instruments, suitable for use in various pulp mills.


2. Basic parameters (these can be customized according to customer requirements)


3. Introduction to the main structure:

It is spherical in itself, mainly composed of a sphere, a base, a transmission and other parts. The spheres are made of steel plates welded or riveted. There is a charging hole at the position of the vertical center line of the sphere for charging and feeding the cooking liquid. The steam for cooking and heating is passed through the hollow journal and the condensed water is discharged.

The shape of the steaming ball is spherical, with a flap structure, the middle is the equatorial zone, and there are eight plates. One of the ball plates is opened with a hole, and the material is added into the ball from the manhole. A reinforcing plate is welded on each plate, and the reinforcing plate and the pole plate need to be connected by a plurality of rivets; a half shaft is welded on each of the two pole plates, and the two half shafts are horizontally supported on the bearing seat, and the motor passes through the reducer and The transmission mechanism drives the steaming ball to move slowly in a certain direction (1~3/r/min), so that the material in the steaming ball is fully stirred and mixed evenly. The two half shafts are tubular, and the steam enters the air distribution pipe from the left half shaft.


4. Specifications: 8m3 /14m3 /25m3 /40m3 /49m3


5. Material: stainless steel or carbon steel


6. It belongs to a class of pressure vessels, and the pressure can reach up to 0.8MPa


7. The temperature can reach up to 175 ° C

steamed ball.jpg

8. Compared with the traditional horizontal autoclave, this steaming ball has the following advantages

1) . High production efficiency, uniform cooking materials, and reduced cooking time

2) . Low labor intensity, convenient and safe operation
3). Greatly reduce the floor space and save plant investment

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