5KL Vertical Chemical Storage Tanks For Cosmetic Raw Material
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5KL Vertical Chemical Storage Tanks For Cosmetic Raw Material

Pretank specializes in the design and production of vertical chemical storage tanks. Our tanks are specifically tailored for the safe storage of a wide range of cosmetic raw material, including both liquid and solid chemicals.

These tanks are meticulously crafted using food-grade stainless steel materials, such as 304 and 316L, ensuring exceptional quality and safety for cosmetic raw material.

With a focus on durability, reliability, and eco-friendliness, our tanks are engineered to meet the unique requirements of the organic chemical industry.
  • CHM-ST

  • Pretank

  • SUS304/SUS316L

  • 500L-500,000L


Product details

Pretank's vertical chemical storage tanks are specifically designed to meet the strict requirements of the cosmetic industry when it comes to storing cosmetic raw materials.

Our storage tanks for cosmetic raw materials are meticulously engineered with advanced features. They are equipped with a fluororubber sealing ring and an inert gas protection device, which work together to enhance sealing performance and ensure safety during storage.

The fluororubber sealing ring effectively prevents any leakage, preserving the integrity of your cosmetic ingredients. Additionally, the inert gas protection device serves as a protective barrier against oxidation, minimizing the risk of contamination or degradation. This extra layer of protection safeguards the integrity and stability of your valuable substances.

vertical chemical storage tanks

Product parameters

-Material : Cosmetic raw material chemical storage tanks usually use corrosion-resistant materials, such as stainless steel (such as 304 and 316L), carbon steel, etc. 

-Appearance shape: Common shapes include cylindrical, square, etc. Selecting the appropriate exterior shape can be based on specific space requirements and tank layout.

-Structural design: including top design and bottom design. The top design can choose flat top, conical top, etc., and the bottom design can choose flat bottom, round bottom, conical bottom, etc. The selection is based on the process requirements and emptying method.

-Capacity: According to the storage needs of organic raw materials and production scale, storage tanks with different capacities can be selected, ranging from small storage tanks to large storage tanks.

-Inlet/outlet: According to the process requirements and operation mode, configure the appropriate number and location of inlets and outlets to facilitate the input and removal of materials.

-Accessory configuration: According to needs, accessories such as safety valves, pressure gauges, thermometers, liquid level gauges, and discharge ports can be optionally equipped to ensure the safe operation and operation of the storage tank.

-Cooling/heating: Organic raw material storage tanks can be equipped with cooling or heating equipment, such as cooling coils, heating jackets, etc., to control the temperature of the stored materials.

-Mixing equipment: According to needs, a stirrer or stirring device can be optionally equipped to achieve mixing and stirring of organic raw materials and ensure the uniformity of the materials.

-Safety equipment: Organic raw material chemical storage tanks are equipped with safety valves, bursting discs, fire prevention devices and other safety equipment to ensure the safety of the operation process.

-Control system: Optional automated control systems, such as PLC, touch screen, etc., can be used to monitor and control the storage tank.

Pretank have standard dimensions for your quick choice, if you need other sizes please contact us, we design and custom free of charge for you.
Code Capacity(KL) Sheel * Height dimension (mm) Total height(mm)
CHM-ST-5 5 Dia1800*2000H 3200
CHM-ST-10 10 Dia2100*3000H 4200
CHM-ST-15 15 Dia2200*4000H 5200
CHM-ST-20 20 Dia2600*5500H 6500
CHM-ST-25 25 Dia2200*5250H 6200
30 Dia2600*5500H 7000
CHM-ST-50 50 Dia3550*5000H 6000

Sanitary grade materials: The vertical chemical storage tank is made of sanitary grade materials, such as stainless steel 316L, etc., to ensure the hygiene and safety of the stored materials.

Smooth inner surface: The inner surface of the storage tank is smoothed to reduce the accumulation of residues, facilitate cleaning and maintenance, and maintain the purity of raw materials.

Sealing: The storage tank has good sealing performance, which can effectively prevent leakage and contamination of raw materials and ensure the quality and stability of stored materials.

Anti-oxidation design: Storage tanks are equipped with anti-oxidation equipment or inert gas protection systems to reduce oxygen contact and prevent oxidation and quality changes of raw materials.

Temperature control: The storage tank is equipped with a temperature control device that can accurately control the storage temperature to ensure that raw materials are stored under appropriate temperature conditions.

Product details

Vertical chemical storage tanks incorporate state-of-the-art design principles and manufacturing techniques, resulting in well-engineered structures and dependable performance. The top section is outfitted with strategically positioned access points, including inlets, outlets, gas valves, and control devices, facilitating seamless operation and maintenance. The bottom section is equipped with drain outlets and cleaning apertures, enabling convenient cleaning procedures and ensuring proper maintenance protocols.

details of vertical chemical storage tanks

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Comment &FAQ

1. Except for SUS304 material, what other material do you do for the vessels?

A: We can provide a variety of grades of stainless steel, including SUS316L,SUS321,SUS316Ti; We also can make with material of titanium and Hastelloy Alloy.

2. We did not know how to do the import, could you help us to deliver the goods to our door?

A:Of course! We can do DDU or DAP terms. We can take care of the whole process from our factory to your door and you only need to make the unloading work within the specified time.

3.How do you ship the goods?

Goods are usually shipped in containers or flat rack with metal walls to protect them against extreme temperatures and bad weather conditions.

4. What should I do if there are quality problems?

A: We have a perfect quality control system to ensure there is no quality problem before dispatch. But in case there do have quality problem after arrival, we also have a rapid response and processing mechanism and reply in first time as we are 7 * 24 hours standby. Local repair as well as cargo replacement is supported to solve the problem.

5.What inspections will you do before delivery in your factory?

All tanks would be tested by static pressure test, dye penetration or X-ray test if requested.

6. Can you produce according to my requirements or drawings?

A: Yes,we can. Actually we always custimze for our customers and each project will have a special drawing. The customize point can be material, dimension, accessories as well as  orientation and so on.


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