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  • In the glue coating industry, choosing the right mixing tank is crucial. This article will introduce to you how to choose a mixing tank scientifically and rationally, as well as the key elements that need to be paid attention to during the production process, to help the industry achieve production


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  • Vinegar made from fruits, a distinctive and versatile condiment, has taken center stage in the commercial arena. With a growing focus on healthy eating habits, the production of commercial fruit vinegar has witnessed unprecedented prosperity. It is not merely a delectable seasoning but a culinary de


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  • Maintaining a stainless steel wine fermenter is crucial for ensuring the quality of the wine produced. Here are some common maintenance practices for stainless steel wine fermenter


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  • 1) It is strictly forbidden to use detergents including Cl- or disinfectants for equipment cleaning.2) If the equipment will not be used for a long time, please clean the equipment thoroughly before decommissioning, and close all valves after the water runs out. Before restarting the equipment afte


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  • Stainless steel wine barrel inspection includes external inspection, internal inspection, and comprehensive inspection. Periodic inspection of the stainless steel wine barrel is based on the stainless steel wine barrel technology. Stainless steel wine barrel should:1. Look at the last inspection dat


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  • IBC medium bulk container is a modern warehousing, transportation of liquid products, the necessary tools. The container barrel inner container and galvanized steel framework combination, the content of high molecular weight high density polyethylene blow molding, high strength, corrosion resistance


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  • We have exported 7.5KL,10KL insulation tank to Australia.Both are designed according to customer's requirement.And always receive good feedback after use.Prettech tanks are made of SS304 grade stainless steel. It offers the best properties for sanitary, food and beverage processing. For highly-corro


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  • At 9 AM March 10,2022, "New Journey of High Quality and Strong Industry to the Future" Guizhou Moutai 2022 Annual Procurement and Supply Chain Conference was held in the banquet hall on the second floor of Moutai International Hotel. Major leaders from more than 200 key enterprises, state-owned ente


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  • To promote the spirit of model workers and craftsmen,to strengthen training of talents and improve workers’ skill ability and diathesis.To further create a good atmosphere of "show yourself, improve skills", to provide customers with better quality stainless steel tank products.Jiangsu Prettech Mach


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  • PRT returned to work officially on Feb. 7th. All staffs arrived at their positions on time and we held commencement ceremony and opened the e beginning of a sustained struggle in 2022 The President made a speech, made arrangements for the company's key work in this year, and made forecasts on the di


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