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Stainless Steel Wine Tank

Prettech started stainless steel wine tanks design and fabrication since 1971, the long history give us time and chance to learn the most advanced technology and craftmanship coming from different regions of the world, know their making wine preferences and styles,accordingly capable of customizing most correct and varied tanks to suit each need,including wine fermenter,wine storage, protable tank,blending tanks.


The full range of Prettech winery tanks give more options, in our company you can get any kind of tanks you want.

Wine fermenters with top closed, surpported on legs or concrete plinth, discharging rapes by manual, 

or by motor and scrapper automatically.

Wine storage tank include both single wall or double wall

Forkable tank with forklift, easy for moving and stacking.

Variable capacity tank with floating lid,gasket sealing and air pump.

Blending tank with top or side agitation.

Platform,walksteps&pipelines---Nice outlook,rust proof and no maintenance.


All of Prettech stainless steel wine tanks are over engineered and heavy duty constructed,burrs removed, welding seam grounded and sanitary acid washing, to guarantee our tanks have stronger strength and improved anti-rust purpose.
Cylinders are butt welded onto the ends and ports via radian 25%-45%, NO sanitary dead angles,easy for washing.
Accessories are high quality, valve have multi-position to adjust liquid flow, sanitary EPDM sealing gasket is wear proof.
Cooling and heating jackets are laser welded, give nice access and conditions for heat transfer, temperature is controlled finely with the help of therm probe.
All wine tanks are done leakage proof test, inspections before delivery, to make sure the wonderful status when arrive at clients’ place.
Except for wine tanks, Prettech also provide stainless steel drainage, catwalk,staircase and pipelines for our customer more options, these units are well designed and costed prices, if you need please don’t hesitate to contact.

Other Winery Processing Units

Pick-up Bins
Frame Plate Filter

Reinforced Packaging

All wine tanks are seaworthy packed well by steel cradle or pallet, and braced by steel strips in the container, avoid any moving during loading/unloading and shipping. What’s more, Prettech people like to help our customers to optimize the container loading to minimized shipping cost.

Project Display

Prettech have supply wine tanks for over 450 wineries around the word, these tanks help the wineries make grapes come into excellent wine high efficiently, supply the sanitary vessels for picking up, lifting, maceration, fermenting, stability, maturation and bottling.

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Provide stainless steel tanks solutions for liquid processing of STORAGE,FERMENTING, HEATING,CHILLING, BLENDING, DISTILLING, MASHING AND BOILING.




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