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New Zealand Marlborough--Winery Project

In Marlborough district, home of world-class sauvignon blanc, white wine tanks are always the best seller. This winery is one of the great wineries in this area who have numbers of Prettech wine tanks serving their fantastic vintages since 2017.

Australia Adelaide--Wine Fermentation Tanks Project--9 Pieces 10KL Dry Red Fetmentation Tank

XXXXX Family Vineyards is a well-known winery located on the west side of McLaren Vale, Australia. It is highly praised by the industry for its inheritance of traditional European winemaking techniques and deep understanding of McLaren Vale's regional characteristics. The winery not only owns its own vineyards, but also provides brewing services for other vineyards, so there is an urgent need to improve the production capacity and quality of wine.

dry red fermentation tanks.jpg
Australia Melbourne-Whiskey Project- 4 pcs 1500L and 2 pcs 3000L spirits storage tanks

Project summary:Whiskey fermentation tanks, storage tanks, and platform projects

Whiskey Project-Australia-Melbourne (4).jpg
USA--Cider Tank Project--Montana State

We are pleasure to participate this new Cider house project by supplying numbers of jacketed fermenters and bright tanks. Fermenters varies from 500gallon to 2500gallon, as well as bright tanks.

Australia--Winery Project--Tasmania

Started in 2018, the beautiful and decent new winery project is finally completed. Prettech supplied all the 39 wine tanks in the stage I&II. Fermenters & Storage tanks are from 1.25kl to 21kl, as well as stainless steel walkways and stairs.

Panama--Chemical Tank project

We are pround to participate this paint factory project in Panama by supplying all the chemical storage tanks and processing tanks, both stainless steel made and mild steel made.

New Zealand--Winery Project--Marlborough

Totally 48 jacketed wine tanks(16 each for 30kl,60kl and 97kl) were completed and shipped to Nelson port in 5 months.To save shipping cost, we creatively put 30kl tanks into 60kl tanks, and then both into the 100kl tanks.By this way it saves at least US$200,000 for shipping.

Australia--Winery Project--Barossa Valley

This great winery is one of most esteemed and premium winery in Australia. They completed their new winery in Tasmania recently, just in time for the vintage 2021.

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