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Apple Wine Tanks

Apple fermentation wine tanks,also called cider fermenters.

Cider fermentation tanks are essential tools in the cider-making process, allowing producers to ferment, clarify, and condition cider before packaging and distribution. Cider fermenters come in various types, each catering to specific needs and preferences of cider makers. Here are some common types of cider fermenters:

Open-Top Cider Fermenters:

These traditional vessels are open at the top, allowing for natural fermentation with exposure to the air. They are often used for wild or spontaneous fermentation, contributing unique flavors to the cider.

Closed-Cycle Cider Fermenters:

Equipped with airlocks and sealed lids, these fermenters provide a controlled environment, preventing exposure to outside contaminants and maintaining a more consistent fermentation process.

Conical Cider Fermenters:

Featuring a conical shape at the bottom, these fermenters allow sediment and yeast to collect in the cone, making it easier to separate and remove unwanted particles during the fermentation process.

Choosing the right cider fermenter depends on factors such as batch size, desired flavors, and available resources. Cider makers often experiment with different types to find the equipment that best suits their specific needs and preferences.

Provide stainless steel tanks solutions for liquid processing of STORAGE,FERMENTING, HEATING,CHILLING, BLENDING, DISTILLING, MASHING AND BOILING.




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