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Heat Exchanger

Prettech produce kinds of heat exchanger used for transferring temperature between different liquid, in conjunction with our stainless steel tanks, convenient for clients’ one-shop purchase. Along with more needs in complicated working circumstances Prettech also help clients to outsource the most suitable heat exchangers for their projects,we would arrange well quality supervisor, delivery checking and quality inspections. Every year we prove around 100,000 pcs of heat exchangers to our clients in varied fields


  •  Chemical
  •  Power Generation
  •  HVAC and Refrigeration    
  •  Oil&Gas
  •  Compressor Cooling
  •  Pharmaceuticals
  •  Marine Applications
  •  Metals and Mining
  • Pulp & Paper


Abundant types for choices

 Tube-in-tube heat exchanger

 Shell&tube heat exchanger

  • Fixed tube sheet heat exchanger
  • U-tube heat exchanger
  • Floating head heat exchanger
  • Stuffing box heat exchanger

 Plate heat exchanger
Gasket plate heat exchanger
Brazed plate heat exchanger


Depending on varied fluid, pressure, temperature we have many material for your choice, to meet with needs while reducing down cost, material include SUS304, SUS316L, SUS316Ti, hastelloy, the material are always purchased from big steel factory such as Baosteel POSCO to guarantee wonderful welding performances and strength.

Professional design

Prettech make rigorous theoretical calculations for each heat exchanger, and also considering a balance between theory and practical application, supply high quality products while control cost for the clients.

Matured processing craft ship

1. The equipment welds are manufactured in strict accordance with the welding process requirements. The welding personnel are certified welders for special equipment. The welding shape is beautiful and the quality of the welds is guaranteed.

2. The heat exchange tank pipe head is welded with an automatic tube plate welding machine, and the welds are inspected by PT-100% or MT-100%.
3. For pipe heads that require strong expansion joints, the pipe holes are grooved using CNC grooves to ensure the accuracy and surface quality of the grooves. The expansion joint adopts hydraulic expansion pipe, which ensures tight connection and reliable quality.

3. The tube sheets and baffles are processed using a CNC machining center with drills to ensure the position and size accuracy of the tube holes, and remove burrs at the tube mouth to minimize scratches on the heat exchange tube wall during the tube penetration process.
Heat exchangers are designed, manufactured, inspected and accepted in strict accordance with industry standards. Equipment that requires manufacturing and inspection requirements such as base metal test plates, welding test plates, material retests, heat treatment, non-destructive testing, hydraulic and air pressure tests, air tightness tests, leakage tests, etc. must be implemented in accordance with the standards to the letter. Each process of heat exchanger design, manufacturing, inspection and acceptance has witness data and is compiled into factory data.

Fast delivery

For regular type we keep stock for immediate delivery, for general heat exchangers we can delivery within 3 weeks to 12 weeks depend on material, processing and inspections.

Heat Exchangers

Optional Components

Trust and Responsibility

Prettech heat exchangers are already exported to 26 countries and served 150 clients, all tanks are done leakage proof test, accessories inspected, and packed in seaworthy packing before delivery, to make sure the clients receive undamaged-state of tanks.

Why Choose Prettech?

53-Year History in Tank Fabrication

Prettech stainless steel tanks already used in 40 classifications,gather rich experiences and precipitate skills in varied industries,win 100,000 client’s trust.

Guarantee Quality

Ensure no leaks no rust, easy cleaning.
All tanks are over engineered and heavy-duty made, lengthen tank service life.
Stainless steel tanks produced by automatic and laser machines, reduce labor fault.
Each tank is strictly tested and inspected before delivery.
We pass through ISO certificates CE, PED, API650, AS1210, AS1692, CSA, supply 2-year warranty.

Competitive Price

Scale production and automatic machines reduce cost, Pretank always perseus the most reasonable price policy to share the profits with our consumers and distributors. With same quality our price are more strong competitive.

Customize Service Free of Charge

Our bespoke tanks are tailor-made for each project, considering material, strength calculations, dimensions, fittings, and ports.We listen carefully to your needs and provide humane designs.

Fast Delivery&Door-to-Door Transportation

Automatic production line improve process speed and efficiency. 30-60 days as regular lead time, for urgent order we are capable of coordinate well, stock tanks for immediate deliver.

Lifetime Engineering Service

At pretank family, you will get lifetime engineering service! Installation service on your site, making all the AutoCAD drawings for you, completely free parts replacement in the warranty date, low cost parts supplied out of the warranty, technology support door to door, lifetime consult support.

Quick Service

6 after-sale service personnel supply 7x24 hour feedback,save your waiting time local repair and sales return on claims(if any).

Our Customers

Become our customer,
customize your heat exchangers now!
Become our customer,customize heat exchangers now!
In Prettech customers always find the correct heat exchangers they want, prices are competitive and quality are guaranteed.
Provide stainless steel tanks solutions for liquid processing of STORAGE,FERMENTING, HEATING,CHILLING, BLENDING, DISTILLING, MASHING AND BOILING.




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