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Stainless Steel Oil Tank

Prettech stainless steel oil storage tanks are used very popular in varied oils fields, not only in edible plant oil but also in animal oil and lubricating oil. In 50 years of experiences and history Prettech has supplied sanitary and safe facilities for oil station, food factories,oil mill and refinery.


Plant oil such as palm oil,olive oil,soybean oil, sunflower oil,tea tree oil,etc.
Animal fats&oil such as fish oil,beef tallow,chicken oil.
Industrial oil such as lubricating oil.



Prettech adopt stainless steel material SUS304 or SUS316L to produce the storage or processing tanks for vegetable& plant oil, animal oils industrial lubricating oil,although expensive cost comparing with mild steel or galv.steel but they have obvious advantages of sanitary, easy cleaning, low-cost maintenance.


The oil edible storage tank is usually processed with fixed&convex top, vertical cylinder, conical or slope bottom for self draining, supported on legs or concrete plinth based on the tank volume.

Wide tank volume range

Oil tank capacity range from 1,000L to 200KL based on each expected storage period, oil types, production or storage scale, so Prettech customize tank diameter and height to fit your building area,what’s more, we would also take optimizing container into consideration, helping clients to save purchase cost.

Oxidation resistance design

Edible oil tanks are complete closed to prevent air or oxidation, whats more, all material such as copper,brass or bronze are absolutely refused in oil tanks fabrication.

Oil & Fats Tanks

Optional Components

 Heating up system  to keep the oil flowing as needed.

Mixing system to avoid overheating through side entry agitator or pump circulation.

Temperature probe display and control temperature.

​​​​​​​ Inert Gas Protection to keep aeration away.

​​​​​​​ Level sensor to measure the oil filled in and drained out of the storage tank.

​​​​​​​ Load Cell or flowmeter to measure the liquid weight or volume.

​​​​​​​ Pipelines&pumps

​​​​​​​ Flexible Hoses to connect pipelines during loading and unloading.

​​​​​​​ Steam generator to supply hot water into the circulation pipes inside of the stainless tank to get homogeneous oil.

All of above oil storage tanks and components that Prettech provided consist of a whole system edible oil storage plant for oil station, oil farm or food factory, the oil can be transferred into the stainless steel tanks from the tanker and drained out from the oil storage tank, measured quantity or flow automatically.

Trust and Responsibility

Edible Oil tanks are over engineered and heavy duty made in Prettech, advanced laser processing and automatic welding machines can minimize the welding defects, and quicken delivery time. Prettech people always put quality and reputation on our first priority.

Why Choose Prettech?

53-Year History in Tank Fabrication

Prettech stainless steel tanks already used in 40 classifications,gather rich experiences and precipitate skills in varied industries,win 100,000 client’s trust.

Guarantee Quality

Ensure no leaks no rust, easy cleaning.
All tanks are over engineered and heavy-duty made, lengthen tank service life.
Stainless steel tanks produced by automatic and laser machines, reduce labor fault.
Each tank is strictly tested and inspected before delivery.
We pass through ISO certificates CE, PED, API650, AS1210, AS1692, CSA, supply 2-year warranty.

Competitive Price

Scale production and automatic machines reduce cost, Pretank always perseus the most reasonable price policy to share the profits with our consumers and distributors. With same quality our price are more strong competitive.

Customize Service Free of Charge

Our bespoke tanks are tailor-made for each project, considering material, strength calculations, dimensions, fittings, and ports.We listen carefully to your needs and provide humane designs.

Fast Delivery&Door-to-Door Transportation

Automatic production line improve process speed and efficiency. 30-60 days as regular lead time, for urgent order we are capable of coordinate well, stock tanks for immediate deliver.

Lifetime Engineering Service

At pretank family, you will get lifetime engineering service! Installation service on your site, making all the AutoCAD drawings for you, completely free parts replacement in the warranty date, low cost parts supplied out of the warranty, technology support door to door, lifetime consult support.

Quick Service

6 after-sale service personnel supply 7x24 hour feedback,save your waiting time local repair and sales return on claims(if any).

Our Customers

Become our customer,
customize your edible oil tank now!
No matter you are oil mills/factories, food companies, or in any other industries using the oil, Prettech will provide you a matchable solution of oil storage or process.
Provide stainless steel tanks solutions for liquid processing of STORAGE,FERMENTING, HEATING,CHILLING, BLENDING, DISTILLING, MASHING AND BOILING.




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